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"I see, send her in."

The receptionist escorted Theresia to Cornelius' office, and Theresia took a seat. As soon as the receptionist left, she lay the briefcase on the desk and opened it, revealing a plethora of papers. She had been doing this for years now, and the two were quite familiar with the process.

"There are a few papers for you to sign this time," Theresia said while organizing the papers. The moved a small stack of papers to one side of the desk, then moved a much large stack beside it. "And these are documents of some of the events that have since occurred in Asgard." Cornelius started to shuffle through some of the papers, "My my, there's quite a lot this time," he mused.

Theresia snapped her briefcase shut and stood up. "That is all, I'll take my leave now." She bowed before exiting the room, and left the premises. Next, she would need to report in to a military station and receive her next orders.


Leht did some light shopping at the market. A bag of groceries, and a few odds and ends here and there. When he finished, he looked up and gazed at the sky for a few moments. One day, eventually, the gods will magically descend from the skies... "Pffft." Wishful thinking. He returned his sight back to the streets, and started to walk back home.

OOC: ffffffff jump and plot advance, Leht's story is riding solely on the plot advancement.