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Endgame has a spectacular aura aboutEndgame has a spectacular aura about

They had an emergency maintenance and fixed some things:

All bullets now cost 5 MP each, and restore some MP when they hit.

>>^XX is now fixed. You can fire three bullets while airborne, possibly more depending on how high in the air you are. I can do no further testing as my SG hit level 20, and since it's on a guest account, I can no longer play it.

Edit: My second Chung just got the operation and became a Fury Guardian.

A clear screenshot:

.....You're all probably sick of all the sex change jokes by now, but I truly and honestly believe that Chung really did get the operation here, because of who gives most of the Fury Guardian quests: Echo, the alchemist. The most qualified person in Elder to perform such an operation.

Why would Chung talk to the alchemist girl to advance to the class that focuses on bashing things? It seems odd, but then when he gets hair that makes him actually look like a girl and not just a girly boy, and an outfit with a god damn skirt.....

Yeah, I think he's a girl now.

Huh? What? Oh, right. Combos.

>>ZZZ: On the second Z, Chungina charges forward, hitting multiple times, in guard status the entire time, then finishes by launching the enemy in the air.

ZZX:On X, Chungina twirls around hitting multiple times, with guard status while doing so. Knocks down.

>>^ZXX: On X, Chungina blasts the cannon (No charge is used though.) and is propelled forward. The second X, she turns around and does an attack that knocks down.

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