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Endgame has a spectacular aura aboutEndgame has a spectacular aura about

I got a Shooting Guardian.

New combos:

SG's >>^XX is bugged. He will stay stuck in the air, and there is apparently no way to get him back down afterwards. (Besides getting hit.)

X>XX: Chung follows X by pulling out his pistol (does a physical hit), fires three shots (Costing 1 MP each), then blasts with cannon. X>X new lazy infinite combo confirmed. Bullets penetrate one enemy.

>>XXX: Chung follows up the cannon blast by firing three shots, then a second cannon blast.

>>^XX: Chung whips out his pistol then fires a shot, then gets stuck in the air. lol.

As for Fury Guardian.....

Did you notice how it has a skirt in the artwork?

It. Gets. Worse.

He. Has. The. Most. Common. ****ing. Hairstyle. The. Korean. Fanartists. Give. Him. When. They. Genderbend. Him.

KoG. Themselves. Genderbent. Chung.