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Ania wasn't really phased by Kuroko calling her "A something". She was used to really obnoxious nicknames so this wasn't too bad.

"Oh, not much. Just walking around town delivering bouquets to people. In fact, I just gave one to your dad, Kuroko. This last one is for Kana." This last bouquet looked similar to the one she gave to Kai, however it was a bit smaller and was mostly comprised of orchids that were white, pale rose, pink and lavender. A very elegant arrangement.

"Umm.. Would it be alright if I joined you two for a few minutes? I just want to sit for a little bit and have a quick drink." She hoped they wouldn't mind. After all it would be a bit silly for her to sit at another by herself after talking tot them.

Cecily blushed again as the Azure dragon embraced her. She'd forgotten how affectionate he was..

"I understand, I'm glad you did what you had to. It was the right thing after all... And.. now that you're back, you can talk to Boris and.. " She seemed a bit hesitant and shy, but she overcame that; "I guess we could spend some time together." She smiled a bit.

Boris slowly lifted his head from his desk when he heard the knock. He really hated to be disturbed when he worked, and most everyone knew that. So he figured it was something important, hopefully not something work-related so as not to add to the pile of things he had to do. He was quite relieved to hear it was none other than Akaito at the door sounding very happy and carefree. He smiled a bit as he got up from his desk and opened the door.

"Yes. In fact I've been here for the past week." He grinned a bit as he said this, happy to see him.
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