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Shinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really niceShinkirou is just really nice
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"Looks like they've added a few new dishes since the last time I've been here," Nathan remarked.
"I wonder how New York strip steak will taste like in Hell."
Nicole called over a waiter, and ordered two club steaks, one for her and Nathan.

Nathan took a look around, noticing that some customers were teens.
"Shouldn't they be in school? And what about you, Nicole? I thought you wanted to go to school too. Don't tell me you're going to spend the rest of your life killing things..."

Nicole laughed haughtily at Nathan's observations.
"You need to get with the times, Nathan! Skipping is only natural for students who see no purpose in school. And I don't need school. Without school, it's like skipping 24/7!"

"I certainly hope you haven't been skipping school back on Midgard."