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Leht arrived at a modest house, but the lawn and flowers were withered, and some of the paint was peeling off. He rang the doorbell and waited a few seconds. Then he rang it again and waited. Finally, he looked around him and waited until no one was around, and backed away from the door a fair distance. He looked around again to check if anyone was around, then sprinted towards the door and did a flying kick, blowing the door wide open. He heard panicked footsteps going up the stairs and followed.

At the top, at the end of the hallway, there was a man holding a butcher knife, pointed at Leht. "Stay back...I'll get the money soon...just leave me alone!" Leht took out his dagger and threw it at his arm, causing the man to cry out in pain and drop the butcher knife. Leht walked over and stepped on his fingers and removed the dagger from the arm, then wiped the blood off on the man's shirt. "Ok, obviously you've been putting off the payment longer than what was allowed, so this is a final warning." The man was whimpering at this point, and Leht took his leave, quickly fleeing the scene and headed towards the market.


Theresia was at the gates of the palace, and she showed her ID to the guards. They let her in and was admitted to the lobby. She spoke to the receptionist and she called up the king to inform him of Theresia's arrival. "Your highness, miss Iuius is here with some important documents from Asgard."