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Originally Posted by BanYa4eVr
Seeing as how Fiesta now ranges from empty ~ 5 or 6 people even when it's available nonstop for a whole week, I don't suspect it will be a problem. The players who are too lazy to do a low exp granting quest a bunch of times are probably going to be equally as lazy towards waiting an hour to destroy everything for 10 minutes. *cough* harkon *cough*

I laughed because that's true. xD

I guess it's not as bad as I'm making it out to be, I mean I'll gladly run there every other hour to do some killing.

-Removed for my lack of reading skills-

EDIT : I didn't ask and I admit I didn't read the first post so it's my own fault. I didn't mean to upset you and I understand you might be having a bad day.

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