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Originally Posted by kale15
Fiesta - you now just use fiesta tickets as port items, that takes you to a waiting room. There's an item girl that sells pots, bullets, empty cards, 150, 170, 180, 190 throwing items, and PPDs. There's also a robot NPC that takes you into the chaos tower. Then there's the gate at the top, which opens ever (other?) hour on the hour for 10 mins. There's then two maps, one filled with lower lvl non-aggros and a duplicate map beyond that with higher lvl aggros. I also can find no quests, however the bonus EXP/TMEXP beyond makes up for it, unless you find 10 mins of killing mobs to be too hard. Beyond that don't know much.
Just got one question on Fiesta.

You say bonus exp/tm exp makes up for the lack of quests but I wanna know is it like an innate bonus like an exp boost event? Or do the monsters just give that much more of a dramatic base exp/tm boost? :O