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Ania sighed as she watched Drake leave. He said he was bored as can be, but when somebody came along to accompany him for a little, he would run off to be bored again. Or do something stupid. She then turned to the girl with blue hair.

"Oh no, I'm the one who must apologize. He's a bit of a brat, you see, so you'll have to excuse his behavior.. Umm, by the way, your book really fascinates me." She walked a bit closer to the girl, eyeing the book. " Did you create it yourself, with magic?-" She heard a clink of metal and stopped speaking; it was that can that had fallen many meters away. By simply moving her index finger while she held the vase, Ania blew the can into the air with wind magic so that it would fall into a trash bin.

Back at Boris' estate, there was a ring at the door. One of the workers in the mansion, no longer considered maids, went to greet the visitor. The door opened; it was Cecily. She hadn't changed much over the years, but if anything she seemed younger. She no longer had that tired, despairing look about her. The dragon girl was dressed in a simple knee-length dress. Its color was quite drab, but the dress fit her figure well. Her hair was much longer now, tied into a long french braid.
When she saw the person at the door, she recognized him instantly, but was very surprised regardless. She gasped in surprise, then smiled brightly.

"O-Oh my! Finir! Is that you? How have you been?" She opened the door wider now. "Please come in!"
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