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Boris Petya was in the study of his Chokma manor. He had dark circles under his eyes, and his left hand supported his head as he scribbled text quickly over some papers. He had just gotten out of a long meaning with a few of his business partners and they were being particularly difficult. They had asked him to review a few agreements and to create a new business plan... In short, he'd been working diligently for the past weeks, and was beginning to get quite tired. He barely had time to see anyone, let alone his own children..He was absolutely sick of working, sick of his job, but he felt like he had to put up with it for a little longer. He sighed and muttered to himself.

"I'm much too old for this rubbish.." Boris felt he had to make up for neglecting everyone, so he'd contacted his daughter Ania and told her to deliver beautiful flower bouquets to his friends, which included Akaito and his sister Kana. Bored of the paper work, he began to get lost in thought, but was abruptly brought back to reality by the obnoxious sound of the telephone. He grunted, annoyed, and picked up the phone.


A beautiful young zmalaj was walking the streets of Chokma. Ania was wearing high-waist shorts and an elegant blouse. In her arms, she was holding a large vase in which various tropical flowers were placed, creating a colorful bouquet. Next to her, a smaller bouquet was floating, keeping up with her steadily. Apparently she was controlling it with wind magic; after all there was no way she could carry both of them with her hands. Ania Was making her last two deliveries of the day, enjoying the beautiful summer weather. She was making her way to the red Papaya, to deliver one of the bouquets. On her way there she noticed someone familiar: Kana's son, Drake. She started to walk towards him and was surprised to hear his mother's angry voice screaming at him through his phone. She shook her head, smiling a bit. Now that she was close to Drake, she addressed him, moving the bouquet more to the right so it wouldn't cover her face. The flowers and leaves were just so tall!

"Hello there Drake." She said with a sweet smile, "A lovely day to skip school, am I right?~"
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