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Theresia got off the train with a briefcase full of documents. She was to deliver some reports about the natural disasters and damages to King Cornelius in Utgard. Her superiors would send her reports to deliver every few months or so, starting from when the disasters started acting up decades ago. Every trip, the briefcase seemed to get a bit heavier. As usual, she took the same road she always used from the station to the palace.


There hadn't been any news about the returning gods for the past decades, and there probably wasn't going to be any today. Leht got out of bed and opened the door of his small apartment room to take the daily newspaper from his doormat. He quickly skimmed through the paper as he closed the door, then tossed it in the garbage bin. Nothing as usual. Another morning, another fruitless day. If he didn't check the newspaper everyday, surely he would've forgotten how long he'd been waiting.

Leht let out a yawn before heading to the washroom to get ready. After a simple cereal breakfast, he left his room and headed to the lobby of the apartment, checking his mail along the way. Two letters were inside his mailbox. One was green, the other was red. He opened the green one and took the money inside and pocketed it. The red one contained a note which he read over briefly. After he was finished, he disposed of both letters and the note.

Leht was actually involved with a shady mafia gang, whose head is coincidentally the landlord of his apartment. As luck would have it, they met and struck a deal. He would just complete some 'requests' every now and then that was in his mailbox, and he'd get to stay in an apartment room, along with making a bit of extra cash on the side. Most of the requests weren't exactly legal, the one he did yesterday had him stay up till 4 in the morning to rob a store. Today was to rough up someone, and threaten them to pay up. He was going to deal with his business first, and headed to the address specified in the note.