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And of course, the local vendors' district located all the way north of town is always full. The bargaining yells and clatters and snaps of items being placed on display, picked up, put down, dropped into bags or simply enjoying it immediately after purchase.

Charil knelt down and picked up an old and decrepit book, dusting it off with her hand. She flipped through it, her mouth slightly agape as she amused herself with the various concept designs the author had drawn.

"Ah, how are you, Charil?" The merchant asked her. "How is your mother? Father? Sisters? Brothers? Cousins? Uncles? Aunts? What can I get for you today? Are you looking for something in particular? You seem to be enjoying that book."

The quiet girl held up her own book to the inquisitive man.
"The usual." The book slowly inked itself in, then fading.

"I have just what you want." The merchant chuckled, waving her finger at her while fishing out something from the large trunk behind him. He produced three, small, blue-glowing, glass cylinders. "Mana plugs. Should fix your energy problem with those lasers just fine." He grabbed a bag and carefully dropped the cylinders in.
"This too."
She tapped on the dusty book, then placing it within the bag herself. She a large amount of coins onto the merchant's mat.
"Thank you very much. Send your family my thanks for their work."
Charil picked up her belongings and walked out of the stuffy district. She walked over to a bench nearby and took a seat to rest. The girl stared up at the deep blue sky. One hundred years since then.


Yes. Since then. It was that time of year again, the day on the month which the entire Sin family goes to pay their respects and honor to those that preceded them. Of course, the ceremony had already taken place early morning, and for this reason, all of the sins had taken leave from work today. It was done by noon, and the few that stayed around the memorial were the other five of the Seven Sins and a few minor sins to watch over.

"Are you sure you don't want to reunite with them?" An angel asked of the weak girl leaning on the balcony next to her. They were far from the memorial, on top of a building around the perimeter of the place which gave clear and visible sight of the ceremony through all its works. "You come here every year to watch your family, but you never join in. I'm sure they'll be glad to see you again, maybe after a few explanations."

"Maybe." Nihiru echoed. "But I've been gone almost since the beginning of time, how would anyone react to that? Maybe another time."

"I can't really agree with how you're handling your problems, but since I agreed to help you with whatever you needed help with, I can only follow." Shiinko replied. "Well then, while their locations are still known, how about something to eat so we can avoid the rest of your family?" She head out her hand to Nihiru.

Nihiru nodded. She unbuckled the gunholster on her thigh and placed it in Shiinko's hand. Nihiru then "walked into" Shiinko, her body disappearing in a faint green light. Nihiru moved Shiinko's hands, adjusting back to her accomplice's body. She strapped her holster to her thigh and made her way back down to the street.
'It's been almost a hundred years since I met you and we synced, huh? It's still pretty weird to have full awareness and partial control of my body knowing someone else also has control.' Shiinko's voice echoed from inside her head.
'Not many people can get used to it...' Nihiru mentally replied. As she walked around, she stopped and stared at the busy restaurant to her left. The Red Papaya.
'Ah, this place. I heard it was really good but we never had the chance to check that for ourselves. Funny, considering how large it is and how long we've been traveling.' Shiinko seemed to laugh. 'How about it? Getting a little tired of eating instant lunches from the market.'
Not hearing a reply to herself, Shiinko decided to go ahead and naturally walked into the restaurant.