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Default Need help killing Escaped Hyunmu

IGN: Azumish

A mail or message on forums if you can help would be appreciated

It's the (Party) Hyunmu, since I just looked at the quests list and saw there were different quests for (Solo) Hyunmu and (Party) Hyunmu

*EDIT 2*
Don't need help with this step anymore, but still need help with next 1 or 2 quests, or at least getting to a Iris to get to Valhalla that's less painful then the Bifrost one

There's a list there. It's up to date, even though the picture hates all living things and may be fidgety when trying to update to my updates -_-

Touhou Conquests:
EoSD: Normal
PCB : Normal
IN: Normal
MoF: Normal

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