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Originally Posted by kuyaBaka
I heard Phantom Tollbooth . . .
. . . loved that book back in middle school. \o\

Anyway, I'm reading "Death of a Salesman" for this months' book report, and I'm in love with it. It's so captivating and mind-boggling with the different "episodes" the main character gets. It makes me feel like I'm reading about some old grandpa with memory problems.

I'm thinking about reading "The Invisible Man" or "Metamorphosis" next. I'll post about 'em when I get 'em. \o
Death of a Salesman ;____;

Man, Arthur Miller writes great stuff, but it's all so dang depressing.

Metamorphosis (the one by Kafka) was a great read. Haven't read The Invisible Man.

Currently reading The Metamorphoses (the book by Ovid, not by Kafka) again.
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