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Originally Posted by AshleyAKAmarme
I'm sorry if anything bad happened to you guys. I'm going to delete marme right away because it hasn't been me on there. It has been xXxBugsxXx or if you know him as... 0BlackShadow0 ._. I was a fool to think they were one of my good trusting friends. Now I log on and people are calling me a scammer [Has been grounded for almost two weeks.] So to you all I apologize. [The Real marme.] ._.
aww i see,i know what you feel
you are being hacked by someone and using your char to destroy your reputation and identity and everyone will think of you as a bad guy

next time dont share accounts to everyone for your own safety
thanks for deleting your char :3 it is for the sake of you and everyone
so the bad guy wont be continuing to hack your fox and spread his plans to hack ppl he desires,thanks for the notification :3
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