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Just like to step in and say that those videos were recorded before the Sieg, Eir, and Dainn "balance" patches. Had they been post balance, Blow would've crit for about 3k and whirling sword would be doing 2k per hit most likely.

At any rate, the entire debate in this thread would be warranted pre-balance patches. Unfortunately, it's not even about items anymore.

- Krieg's still have ridiculous endurance frames and damage. 4k fire crushes when you have 12k HP are not fun.

- Have you seen Tia's with maxed midair prison? It crits for 2k on ONE hit and hits about 7 times. Fog still does more damage than it should be doing. Bomb damage has hit me for 1.8k. Mines still do about 3k undecayed, and Tia's love resetting me into all 3.

- My Iron Hammer SLASH has crit for 5.5k-6k, and that's with about 700 STR. Not to mention that the lightning portion of Iron Hammer is now physical, so if I wanna be douchey and let it go through, it can be an easy 11k-12k damage taken off of my opponent if the lightning crits too.My whirling swords (with 1/6 Wind passive) crit for 1.9k a hit. Most opponents I fight are within the 11k-13k range (Mostly SeraphicSymphony when he signs on and TakiTheThief).

- Eir's tears hit grounded opponents now and I've been crit for 1.8k on one hit, and if you get sweet-spotted it's such a huge chunk of your HP bar that gets taken off that I almost feel compelled to play dirty. There's really only one time I managed to avoid all the hits with full use of wake-up invincibility + Play Dead's invincibility frames, but not every character has invincibility frames to use in that situation. Not to mention that Dodge and Sunlight of healing (Maybe some others but those are the ones I see used the most) now have endurance frames.

and so on and so forth.

If people hadn't quit after all the stat-dependency, they would've quit after all the "balancing". Not even Free-mode PvP back in TFT was this bad. There's still a certain degree of mind-games, but then you get half your HP taken off with one skill and wonder why you continue to try.
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