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Hey guys there is 1 problem you don't see. Stages after Lunia-Z updated are even harder than OB/TFT ones but 1 thing makes them easy. It is the fact we do not have skill builds anymore. Tons of Skillpoints give us more skills to choose and more attacks. Actually the dmg diffrence between skill and bosses' hp is even bigger than tft/ob. We got more skills so we can attack more. The next thing that makes game easier are cooldowns, they were decreased. Most of dainn skills were decreased from 100% cd to 33-40% we can attack all the time, there's no way to repair the game. Back then melle was useful since we had to wait certain time peroid for till cooldown ends, nowadays we can shower mobs all the time. What can we do now? The answer is Nothing.
Melle is completly useless, so are combos. People can not combo due to new flinching system. It's all about spam. The new flinching system adopted the game to the increased ammount of skills. The game is just like it is.

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