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AshleyAKAmarme can only hope to improve

Originally Posted by Linverse
Sooo yea " marme " fooled me either! But good thing I didnt shared my acc. :> Here's the SS:

1st, she PMed me that She's Akiha23/ Crystal Ng

Then, yea I believed her but before that, I questioned her :3

The answer is:

And no, My name is not Clarisa O_o

That's all the SS But after a while, She then again, PMed me,
Her: I'm quitting ;-;
Me: NOO!
Her: But before I quit, I wanna tell ya a favor
Her: Can I use your acc. for 20 min. before I quit?
Me: Lolz, You hacker :P

And that's it! and yes I knew she's a hacker when I questioned her.
I'm sorry if anything bad happened to you guys. I'm going to delete marme right away because it hasn't been me on there. It has been xXxBugsxXx or if you know him as... 0BlackShadow0 ._. I was a fool to think they were one of my good trusting friends. Now I log on and people are calling me a scammer [Has been grounded for almost two weeks.] So to you all I apologize. [The Real marme.] ._.