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after seeing Flay naked:
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I had the same exact problem for the past few weeks. I was wondering how I went from "As smooth as a laggy East Coaster can be" to HOLY F*** STOP USING BASIC ATTACKS THE ANIMATION LAGS MEEEEE!!!"

It turns out I totally forgot to turn on my GAME BOOSTER PROGRAM. Once I did, I was back to as good as I can get my connection to be. There's also a few other things I had to address over the years when I was getting laggy on my craptop. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike:

Overheating may also be an issue with gaming - especially for laptops. So if you find the bottom getting too hot, that means your whole system will be under fire from this heated menace. If you can feel the heat whenever you touch the keyboard or top, then the cooling pad is LONG over do. In other words, invest in a GOOD COOLING PAD. Cooling pads also help your computer last a bit longer since it won't be constantly overheated after an hour of use. However, I'm sure this isn't a problem that you have (it's one that I have though, yippe!) In addition to that, when you're not using your laptop, turn it off. If you're going to be AFK in a game for more than 20 minutes, just turn it to "I'm not going to be AFK in the game at all because my computer will be off since I don't want it to burn out years earlier than it has to".

Then there's your router... It may need to be RESET. It's recommended to reset your router every month to make sure it runs at optimum efficiency... Though for some people, it has to be done weekly. Like, if you like, have like, a crappy, like router or like, some junk like that. If you have the option to have a direction connection with a LAN cable or something, you MIGHT wanna switch to that. Wireless is good and all, but it isn't consistent since almost anything can interfere with the connection. LAN is faster, so if you hit a slow patch, it'll have more than enough slack to overcome it. As for wireless, once the lag hits, it tends to stick around for a long time. That's just from my personal experience.

Lastly, you're using a laptop. It's basically a fact that server sided games + laptops = disaster. Integrated graphics (lol chipsets lol laptop "graphics cards" loooooool) so doesn't do the trick for anything that's over Maple Story/Wonder King/Ragnarok threshold in terms of graphics. Luckily you can change your setting to increase performance (yet decrease quality - which doesn't make much of a difference for LaTale's looks) to get the best out of that crappy little chip. You can also update certain drivers which may be why you're lagging. Doing this for 3D games will usually cut the quality in half, so be thankful it's only a 2D game here. >_>

Those where the things causing my game to lag, so you might be in the same boat. Or maybe it's something entirely different and my crappy 3-year-old-Toshiba-with-outdated-everything-and-VistAIDS happens to run better than some of the newer laptops. Then all I have to say is: SCHAAAAAAAADENFREUDE! MAKING ME FEEL GLAD THAT I'M NOT YOU! Best of luck to ya!
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