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Originally Posted by silklash
you were just saying yourself about how its a pain for you when people who are "lazy" don't have their vit equips to go against people in pvp. A good chunk of the stats comes from rbs. now you're saying you don't need to catch up in rbs
sorry not everyone can easily make billions of g to afford these godly equips
the problem here is there are differences of up to 1k of a stat. these lazy people barely make it to 500str. and if you know where the core damage comes from you'd know after a few rb's - without gold carp/sp coupon - you would be able to max more skills. that sieg in the video (i've been referring to the 2nd video this whole time if you didn't know. i remember you saying the damage was 'quite low') did 1k+ blow because he had the sp to max it. and for stats: like i mentioned earlier, people call r4 eq "noob," because it's so easy to get for easy stats

again nice vid i like the 2nd vid the most - where the sieg does 1k+ blow and wiz does up to 2k cbd