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Originally Posted by silklash
the only reason i stopped pvping was because
>enter pvp mode
>see three rooms - - - none are 1v1
>make 1v1 room
>wait 30 mins
>get some random low lvled person
>slaughter them
>wait another hour

yeah face it, pvp is dead, im not wasting my time
thats exactly what i was talking about with the chain of quits. a bunch of people quit pvp before you = less good people for you to pvp = makes you want to quit. you, too, are both a victim and a contributor to the decrease in population and decrease in competition. and @mystic you're not wrong about the population problem, except what's more important is the population of skilled players. pvp only dies when people leave.

i didnt say people can "catch up" to rbs. i said rb's are incredibly easy and after a few rbs it's easy to level up. you don't need to "catch up" to rbs. if you have that kind of mindset then you would quit after missing 1 rb. there were always casual aspects to Lunia but you cannot definitively label it a casual game. remember the game is also an mmorpg

you don't need coc's; you just need lvl 70 to rb. they even created an "easy mode" for you guys, which is beyond easy; you have to make an effort to get some of the mobs to lay a pixel on you. any 10 year old can get to lvl 70 in a few hours.
^ now again i don't know if some of you may or may not know that "easy mode" fact but like i said before - one of the things wrong with certain particular quitters is they decide they can be able to give a 100% "relevant" insight on the game after they've quit.