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Default [MSoTW] [17/01 - 23/01] Full Armor Alex

*posting on behalf of Blizt*

Today I'm going to be introducing a Scissor unit that I recently acquired.
I can't say that I'm already very good at using it, but I do have a fair understanding of the suit, and I do really feel like sharing them, so here is the one I'm going to be talking about today - Gundam "Alex" (Full Armour)

P.S. I'm just going to refer it Alex FA in the later paragraph

So first of all let me talk about its default stats:

Full Armour Mode:
Atk: 13.8
Def: 19.8
Agi: 14.4
Spd: 17.1
SP: 15.3
HP: 12.9

Purged Mode:
Atk: 18.3
Def: 13.8
Agi: 16.5
Spd: 19.5
SP: 15.3
HP: 12.9

If you find the numbers confusing, and may want to know the difference visually, you can look at this graph below:

I will later explain the role of each stat played in the two modes, let's continue to Skill first:

Skill 1:

Reload Up

Reload speed is fasten by 40%, for almost every Scissor units out there, this is a god-like skill to's also the type of Skill that people would goes "yay" when it's on 1st slot, "aw" when it's on 2nd slot XD

Well what you know, it's on 1st slot for our beloved Alex FA, so "yay"~

Skill 2:

Veteran Ranger

Reduce all Close-Range damage done to you by 50%, basically, this means anyone who tried to throw their fists or sword at you would find that they're only able to do half the damage than they would normally do!

With so many hax melee Rock units out there, don't you think a Scissor unit having this Skill is just so lucky? -w-

Ok, now I'll be talking about the 1st mode of Alex FA first. Do take note that I'll also be explaining how each weapon should be use, meaning the play style, so it can be QUITE LENGHTY~~

================================================== ===================================

Full Armour Mode:

Weapon 1 - Fist Melee

That's right, it's just normal fist for you, however, it is a 1 hit knockdown fist for you!
Usually, anyone who watched the gameplay of Alex FA, this weapon is probably the one that attract most people at first glance because 1hkd melee is just so rare in the Scissor units, but ironically...this 1hkd melee is not its selling point at all, neither is its strong point.

To be honest, it is one of Alex FA's biggest con.

First of all, its range is very short (how short? even sometimes when the melee cursor turned green you still can't reach the enemy).
Second, 1hkd also mean there would be no melee dash, so you can't save boost with it at all...having to watch out how much boost you use constantly is a bit annoying, but it's more annoying when you can't catch up your advancing teammates (hell, sometimes even the Paper rushed faster than me!), EVEN more annoying when you do catch up, you either got too little boost or no boost at all...

If you must ask me if there's really anything good about it, I'd say the only good thing is the delay of the hit is shorter (unlike other 1hkd suits like Virtue or Dinn), giving you chance to immediately pull out or use it again shall your first strike missed.

Weapon 2 - Beam Rifle

Standard weapon for a lot of Scissor units...For Alex FA here, even without adding any Agi point, the firing animation is pretty smooth, its reaction time/delay is pretty average for me, not really on par with the good Beam Rifle type Scissors, but good enough.

Unfortunely, because of Alex FA's default low Atk point, the damage from this weapon is not so high, but it is still your primary weapon of choice.

Weapon 3 - Vulcan

Ah Vulcan...the weapon that is overlooked by most people. Normally when someone talks something bad about it, the first thing they usually spew is Vulcan's low damage, which is indeed right for most units equipped with it.

However, Alex FA is an exception.
This, yes I mean Vulcan, is one of Alex FA's selling/strong point.

Why!? Why you asked? Because the damage of one shot (5 hits) of Alex FA's Vulcan are actually "slightly" higher than the damage from its weapon 2 Beam Rifle!

Normally, regardless of a suit being S/A/B/C rank or whatever element it is (Rock, Paper, Scissor, I tested a bunch of them btw), shall they have the standard weapon set of Beam Rifle + Vulcan, their Vulcan's damage are usually only 1/4 to 1/3 (1/2 at most for certain few suits) of their Beam Rifle's damage, thus many people would rather just use the Beam Rifle and ditch Vulcan all together (or at least, in term of when they're dealing damage).

Another trait of Vulcan would be the insanely fast firing speed, unlike most Machine Gun, Vulcan's firing delay between every 3-5 shots is much shorter.

Get the point yet? Let's say today one of your teammate is meleeing on someone, and you wanted to support him, now using this hax Vulcan is just the way to go. Most Rock suits' melee combo last about 2 to 3 seconds at most, how many shot of Beam Rifle would be be able to fire? Most likely only about 2 to 3 shots only...but if you use Vulcan, you can most likely get 5 to 6 shots, which its damage output far exceed that of Beam Rifle's!

Sad thing about it, is that its range is not any longer than any other Vulcan, so despite being a selling point and a good weapon for Alex FA, this IS NOT your primary weapon.

If you want, you do can somewhat abuse your high Def and go all out in the open and exchange fire with the cost of your HP with the enemy.
Of course, this is when you have teammate beside you supporting/rushing with you, otherwise it is not suggested to do it, because otherwise whether you were able to hit or miss a lot, you're still most likely going to lose a chunk of HP or die, even with that high Def and Veteran Ranger (also you might even waste a lot of boost during the process due to rapid boost dodging)

Special - Melee Type

Nothing special about it, the damage is neither high or low, it's just about the same with any other Scissor units out there. It is suggested that you only use it when trying to save yourself, it's not a wise decision to use it for damage output, even if your team is winning at the moment.

================================================== ===================================

Purged Mode:

Weapon 1 - Beam Saber

Normal, very normal...normal range, normal speed, normal damage...but you should be glad, because now you can do Melee Dash!

I already said normal 5 times already, so you should know: You're probably only gonna use it when trying to save teammate or save yourself at desperate time, don't use it for damage output purpose.

Also, there's a bit of slash delay after the 4th/last hit, so you may wanna use 2 hits or 3 hits MCA to avoid that last hit.

Weapon 2 - Beam Rifle

Feels pretty much the same with FA mode's Beam Rifle, only thing different is that now your Atk point has gone up in Purged Mode, your Beam Rifle would hurt a bit more now.

In fact, your Purged Mode's Atk point is 18.3, which by ranking is the 2nd highest Atk for ALL B rank units.
So damage in this mode is really not too bad, if you do not mind the decreased Def, and or maybe don't like to use the Vulcan in FA mode that much, I'd suggest you use this mode.

Weapon 3 - 90mm Gatling Gun

"Trash" is the word I use to describe this weapon.

The only good thing about it is the ability to hover in air while firing, sometimes can be used to avoid Rock (especially when you ran out of boost in air).

But other than that, there's too many cons about it (in my opinion):

- 1 shot only, reload right after
- Superb low damage...even if you didn't miss a single bullet, the damage is about the same as 1.5 shots of Purged Mode's Beam Rifle
- Slow firing speed, which can make you a good target to shoot at, since you can't move at all
- Slow reload speed, even with Reload Up it still takes 2 seconds...well if its damage were high then I wouldn't mind it, but since it's low...I do mind it very much!

Simply put, I'd suggest only use this when you want to hover in air for a bit longer. I wouldn't even use it for fire support, to do that Beam Rifle would be a better choice in this mode.

Special - MAP Type

Same SP damage as the one in FA mode, but now you have the choice to use it for supporting purpose, such as stunning the enemy for your teammate. Or you can also use it against those who wish to use their SP on you; time it well, use the invincible frame to dodge their SP, and have your SP burst out right when their SP just ended/missed so they can't escape it.

Also it's got a flashy effect like Heavyarm's <3

Custom builds suggeston:

There's 3 main builds for Alex FA, which each of them being Full Atk, Full Def, and Atk + Def.
The reasons for not adding other stats are because...

Agi: When I first acquired Alex FA, I did feel that it could use some Agi, but later I tested adding all the custom point to Agi when I reached OC1, which in the end didn't improve as much as I expected; I could add more, but that'd mean I have to waste at least 4+ custom point on it, which I can use it better on Atk or Def (Atk for FA mode, Def for Purged Mode)

HP: Neither of Skills require HP at certain % to activate, so if you want to live longer, just pump your already high Def

SP: Like I said above, because both Skills are so precious and useful to Alex FA, you wouldn't really want to use SP causing them to disappear. Then, what would be the point of pumping SP up if you don't use it that much or only use it in emergency for a getaway?

Spd: In its FA mode, its speed is indeed a bit slow that could use a pumping, but at the same time, you still don't have melee dash, so it's still not quite effective and beneficial like when adding Atk/Def stat.
Also if you really need speed desperately, you can go for the Purged Mode as well.
Though I think it's ok to add 1 to 2 at most custom point (normal custom, NOT OC), this somewhat helps the problem with no melee dash in FA mode.

For the 3 main builds...

For all Atk...
Since your Def is so high (2nd highest in ALL B rank units, 1st highest in ALL SCISSOR B rank units), and you also got a Def Skill, I don't see going all Atk would be any less better than all Def, this would really help with the poor damaging Beam Rifle that is your primary weapon in FA mode.

Also if you went for this build and actually choose Atk Up for your EX Skill, your Atk point would reach the maximum (only in Purged Mode)

For all Def...
This is more of a supporter type that have "decent" damage from Beam Rifle, and would use Vulcan for annoying the enemy.
Since Vulcan's damage is so high in default, if you spammed it at them, it will make them unable to ignore you, forcing them to come at your high Def body, yet risking being shot or melee from your good old teammates.

You'd also sometimes laugh out loud shall any idiot come meleeing you when your Veteran Ranger is activated.

P.S. Speaking from experience, I once used my OC4 Atk build Shin's Zaku II against a OC6 full Def Alex FA in a 1v1 fight. I knew about his high Def and Veteran Ranger effect, but tried testing my melee damage on him anyway. WOW, was my damage so pitiful that I went serious after just one melee combo and use my Machine Gun, but hell, his Vulcan is so hax that his damage is about on par with me. Even if I finished him off, my HP are pretty much gone too...that fight leave a strong impression of Alex FA in me, promoting me to get one myself and trained it to OC5 1 Spd, full Def build atm. (we were in the desert map when we did 1v1 btw)

For Atk + Def...
Because both modes of Alex FA are so extreme, one being high Def low Atk, another being high Atk low Def, purely adding only 1 type of stat would make one mode definitely weaker, so you can balance it out if you wish so, making it average.

Some other info and tips:

Since I pretty much said some of its strategies and play style when I was explaining the weapons in each mode, I will just share some other small info here:

- Beside the 90mm Gatling Gun in Purged Mode, all of the range weapons have an ammo of 10 shots
- In both modes, you'd really want to push forward (ALONG with teammates, not ALONE with yourself) because of the effective range of your weapons, especially the Vulcan
- If you love its Vulcan and want to use it a lot, then I suggest follow your teammates very closely at all time
- In case someone forgot, I repeat again, hax Vulcan is NOT your primary weapon; going trigger happy and laughing hysterically won't do you much good

I think that's pretty much it...I'm too busy and too tired with work recently, so I don't really have time to make a video myself.

Though Alex FA is indeed an interesting suit, and I have already trained it to OC5, it's definitely a suit that's in my list of to-be-record and will be made sometimes in the future =]