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Elite will become famous soon enoughElite will become famous soon enough

i don't know. it could be that the br version hasn't reached the time where players are starting to quit due to the reasons that many have quit here in our version. more importantly, i think it is the pandemics that have occurred in our version that had drastically reduced the population in our version (some of which have been listed in my first post). those who have quit due to those reasons was unnatural. so it could be that br lunia has its population flowing smoothly, without any external influences. but yea, my previous point was directed more towards glunia.

to be honest, i think i was just an average player who has looked at different aspects of the game, and played it for awhile. naturally, combos and movement would be ingrained into one's brain after playing that character for awhile. there are some people who have proven to be adept at each character that has came out. what that means is that the standard for being "good" is too low IMO. the competitiveness.. it is just too low. i am positive that everyone would be better if there were more people. sry that i keep rambling about the issue of population, but i think it is the root issue that has spawned much of the other minor issues that we have today.

yea.. my logic for more competitiveness in pvp would be that the more population you have in a game, the less space there is to be good, which means you have to be super good to be recognized. super good IMO is like.. going to the point where mind games determines the results. ours right now is still developing combo abilities (from my perspective with the exception of only a few now).

last, i don't know about people who have played for a long time, yet they are not that adept at pvp.. maybe they just enjoy different aspects of the game more than others.

edit: tho u may not be talking to me.. my first inspiration was YouTube - Lunia war 4th PVP final Movie , posted by jellotime in mylunia .. damn, i like the intense atmosphere.. thats what we need! intensity!

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