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My Socio instructor is very boring, he's so inefficient, like we took role for 40 minutes, because he kept trying to ask the people's last name who's late coming in, and he goes up and down the list, and it was just annoying. And then, he goes and calls the list 2 more times. He then went ahead, and showed EVERYONE'S email to the entire class, I found that utterly annoying, I don't want people seeing my email address =_=

And for Environmental Science, I wanted to take this really cool teacher I've been wanting to have for a while, but for some darn reason, they switched the instructors the last minute, and now I'm stuck with some really old, fobby, asian guy. Like I swear, I've had instructors with accents before, but this guy, I can't understand anything that he's saying. And he's one of those instructors that likes to talk a lot of back story, and it's so hard to hear anything he's saying, and decide whether or not it's important. Sigh.

I really hate my Mondays and Weds... I'm hoping my instructors for Tuesday and Thurs would be better.

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