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Default Anna Faulkner


Name: Anna Faulkner
Age: 4
Gender: Female
Race: Devi (personification of Hindu goddess Annapurna)
Height: 3'2"
Weight: 36 lbs.
Eyes: bright blue
Hair: white
Notes: A 4 year old child rescued from a burning building by Rune, shortly after witnessing her parents fight to the death with an angel.

Appearance: She is around average size for a 4 year old, standing at 3'2", or 38 inches tall, and weighing 36 lbs. Has big blue eyes, and her white hair hangs down to just below the shoulders. Her hair is always a little messy, but it's become one of her more endearing points. She frequently wears a sleeveless little white dress, which comes down to just above her knees. On the part of the dress above the waistline, floral designs are done in white stitching. She wears black Mary Jane-style shoes with this dress. She has a blue string tied to her right wrist, and a blue string tied to her left ankle. There doesn't seem to be any real purpose behind this, beyond her just liking them. After she meets Rune, he gives her a sunhat with a blue ribbon, which she can be seen wearing on sunny days.

She has a tan skintone, something like this:

Personality/Character: A very sweet child, a bit of a people-pleaser. Very mature for her age, but as a child she is still prone to become emotional quickly. Develops an immediate bond with Rune, and possibly a crush? A very smart, but very silly child. Generally she always tells the truth, unless she's making a joke. She thinks of Rune as her father (well I mean he did adopt her) and tends to call him "papa" or "dad".

History: Born in Chokma. When she was an infant, her parents noticed immediately that she was something special. She was born a different race than both parents (who were both cubi). While they couldn't identify what exactly she was themselves, they still raised her as any good parents would. Had a fairly normal infancy/very early childhood, until the day the angels attacked Utgard. One rushed into their home through the window, and set the room on fire. As it was about to attack the child, her parents rushed in and stood in front of her to protect her. Both were killed immediately.

At this point, Anna was very traumatized. Having witnessed the deaths of her parents, she began to cry quite loudly, and the angel froze in place, began to bleed from the ears, and dropped onto the ground, dead. As she quieted down, it was then that Rune flew into the window, saw the remains of what happened, grabbed Anna, and flew back out the window.

She doesn't have any memory of this event, or any of her childhood before this. The first thing she remembers is Rune swooping in and flying her out of the burning building. She likely erased everything before from her memory out of pure fear and trauma, although it's also quite possible that she honestly just had her first real memory at this point.

As of her introduction to the story, she is not aware that she is a Devi, and the incarnation of Annapurna. In a pocket in her dress, she has a sheet of paper with her reincarnation incantation written on it. Rune finds it, takes note what it is, and begins carrying it around himself. He's not aware of what she is, but after finding this note he begins to piece it together.

Special Abilities and Magic: She is not yet aware of her own special abilities, but she is capable of great things. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess of nourishment. As long as she is around, the people she loves will never be in a position where they are starving. She also creates a sense of calm and happiness for those she loves, and removes their fear. Rune has no explanation for his constant happiness and lack of fear, but when asked he'll say something like, "It must be because of Anna's Love."

In terms of combat abilities, she carries what is known as a "Siren's Voice". What this means is relative to the situation. If she sings, she has a tendency to draw people to her. If she cries/screams, she *can* cause damage to the inner ear/brain, and if she hits specific frequencies, different effects may be felt, the worst (and rarest) possibility being death (note: history - angel attack).

As an immortal, she is unable to die of old age or sickness. The only way Anna can die is if a mortal wound is inflicted on her.

As a Devi, she carries the ability of "Reincarnation". However, her reincarnation process isn't the typical. Instead of being forcibly transitioned into a newborn body, an incantation may be recited and she will be *reborn* into her original body, with all damage and injury removed. However, if the body is wholly destroyed, rebirth is impossible. Only Rune knows her incantation.

She is also capable of flight, and is not aware of this power either. Her wings have to be called forth, and since she is not aware she is a Devi, she has no knowledge that she even has wings. When Rune finds out later what she is, he'll probably teach her how to call forth her wings and fly.

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