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Default Internet issue (no upload?)

Ok, I'm mostly posting this in hopes of finding a solution that will make my dad finally shut up.

Since a few days ago we've been having internet problems: the connection is noticeably slower, and if we check it using any speed test on the net it shows the download speed, but the upload speed is either at 0 or the test displays an error. Also my dad can't upload any pictures to an auction site (like ebay), though funnily enough, I could upload a picture to Megaupload, but the auction site isn't busted, dad checked it on a friend's computer. Sending emails works, but not if you attach a file.
Dad scanned his computer for viruses, got 2, used quarantine, I scanned as well, nothing.

It's also annoying for general internet browsing, since as I said, sites load a lot slower than they used to. Dad called our internet provider, they couldn't help, since dad didn't know the password for our router (oh well).

I'm not exactly sure what about my computer/internet I should post here, so if anyone is willing to try to help, tell me.