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Originally Posted by Arkantos
there's nothing to envy in my opinion. I stayed like 3 hours in Paris and it was one of the worst part of my trip : poeple always staring at me as if I was a terrorist or a pick pocket( they don't make the difference between chinese with tanned skin (me) and arabic poeple), there are a lot of pick pocket in the airport, and Xenophobia >_>.
Well now i'm far in the south in a city called Nīmes but there's still the same problems.
about the french fries, if it's potatoes fried with oil then it's the same fries in mc do or burger king. Maybe I'm wrong about it.
That's funny. My godmother went to France and had nothing but praise for it.

But then again, she's white, speaks French near-perfectly, and looks incredibly harmless. Also she went about twenty years ago. >___>
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