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Default here a way to speed boost your game!!!

well I cam here for you today to tell you if you guys have a slow PC or is your game not running fast and smooth...well I have a solution that might interest check this out yo cuz I'm not bout 2 Rap a beat....uh... check check it...mic 1 2 3...>.> ok...cereal face....<.<

do you guys ever have a slow and sometime unreliable PC....Internet is not at it top speed even tho it going 5x fast....PC start take fffooooooooooorrrrr eeevvvvaaaa 2 load up...well check this out.... I have a software dat call Advance System Care....this great Software Cleans, Defrag, increase overall Performance on your PC and making it more if you interested to learn more about this then this is the way to go...

now if it just Games you want to run smooth and Lag free....or at least less lagg nation....then try this software on for size... all you gotta do is swtich to game mode and will Defrag your game directory and other will even increase the performance on your PC also disable some of the annoying and sometime unnecessary backround work of your PC which couse it 2 slow down of your PC so thus give you better Gaming EXP...

now right now I have the Advance System Care so have I have not yet try the Game Booster so I am gonna install it just not right now but it might give you that extra boost of gaming speed so if you want more info then check this Website out.... Note that I have the Free Version and not the Pro but it good enough for me but Game Booster is Complete free Software so it cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)

Speed Up Slow Computer, Keep PC and Internet Secure, Freeware Download - IObit

make sure that you know the Basic on how the Computer work and have a little Expert EXP as well....check Settings if there anything you want to make sure of yourself of these Programs....

thx and have a nice day and I hope I help you guys out right with maybe useful programs....