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Default Monitor issue

Edit: It has been fixed by myself. Thanks anyway tho ^^

Okay, so on my OSD, there's an auto-OSD and a manual OSD.

The auto one lets me automatically configure settings (contrast & brightness) based on 5 settings.

User, Text, Standard, Graphics, and Movie.

A few months ago, I was changing the settings via auto OSD, and it knocked the screen over by about 100 points in position. I couldn't get it back via manual OSD. I tried to move it, unplugged my monitor cable, replugged, unplugged power cable (monitor), replugged, nothing. Finally, I found a Reset button on the manual OSD. After pressing it about 6-8 times, it reset my screen back to normal.

Last night, I accidentally pressed the button for auto-config and it messed up my screen again. I've tried to reset it multiple times, but it's not working.

Anything I can do to fix this? Answer ASAP please... I can't really do anything with nearly 1/5 of my screen non-visible.

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