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The game can't go back to how it is like in OBT. Too much difference. Well, at least bring in more raid content like bapho. Heck, do people even go in there nowadays? What this game need is more variety and more content.

Stats, Equips: Just make it the same as old times. At least give them a random stat instead of stats being reused or just double here and there. Equips stats are retarded seriously.

Stages: Since this game is based on stages, i don't know why am i soloing x-10 bosses in the early stages. As for myth, i don't see why remove it. Removing it = loss of content. What lunia need now is content. More to do other than myth. At least upgrade the old raids to suit the higher lvl. Like bapho upgrade for lvl 80 peeps or something.

PVP: Easy, everyone's skill dmg is based on lvl 1. Add in defense for pvp equips.

Now who would like to propose this idea to ALLM? Need refining though.
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