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Originally Posted by Gladiat
So much stuff needs to be fixed...

Rollback to OB and game is fixed!

But on a serious note...

-Kill Myth
-Remove damage jumps at 501, 1001, 2001 etc.
-Remove guild mana pots
-NERF NERF NERF Equips and CS gear
-Less stat boosts from Rebirths
-Smarter AI
-Remove endurance frames (that's what the potion is for)
-Fix stat system
-Less SP boosts from Rebirths
-Solo mode for the storyline, where each room has 1 high HP monster, and it gains HP and damage boosts depending on the level of the player
-More skills for enemies that are able to chain together for combos
-Monsters that require a certain number of air combo hits to kill (So you can spam them for 10 years and still not kill them)
Gonna add to your list glad.
-Remove instant cooldown when u res in stage and pvp
-Pre-required skill trees ( Kinda bullshet to add all point into 1 skill and overmax it so that each time u use that skill it does op dmg -_-, add some pre-require to balance damage output..)
-Reduce overall skill damage to prevent 1 skill from overkilling or dealing too much damage
-Reduce passive percentage? ( For some characters like sieg's Wind passive probably is an example ).
-Reduce pro fort duration and increase cooldown.
- Change HP / MP increase passives into percentage based.
- Change MP regen into percentage based ( like 0.4% or 0.6% w.e etc better than having a fixed amount which is pretty useless after u mp hits 100/4900 or something ).
- WE NEED MOAR SKILL EFFECTZ ( Remove endurance bullshet, if u get hit u get hit u don't fking tank it ) - Exception of krieg, hes a tank but nerf his dmg.
- Make a fixed stat 1 str = 00.05% skill dmg or something, and 1 vit = 6 hp 1 int = 6 mp and 1 dex = -00.01% cooldown. ( So if you have 10k Dex its 100% cooldown, seems fair? ) ( Vit characters are like 1 vit = 12 hp or something, they're tanks damit. and Int is u know etc...).
-Change critical hit rates....501 dex is + 20% already ( 1k de is like 21% wdf is that scaling...) 1 dex = 00.02%? ( Dex characters are double rated like 1 dex = 00.04% )
- Remove ultimate cores for ultimate skills and make the cooldown like 15-20 mins ( Regardless if your in stage or in square or offline, its 15-20 mins per use so pick ur uses wisely! ) other than that they needa input some way to interupt ( Sieg's ult is counterable and cancelable like eir's and dainns -_-, just hit them before they cast within 1 sec of time.)
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