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Default Chapter 5: Schism

The train came to a cracking halt.
The sound of a large congregation arguing with one another roared from outside the train.
Shiro scowled while he looked around the train car, inquiring "What the hell's going on here?!"
Flins shrugged lightheartedly.
"I don't know, maybe something's happening?" He said, trying to make sense of the clamor.
"Sounds like something bad." Heku said.
"Tch, you would know." Shiro grumbled.
The car doors flew open. Soon, the train car became overflowing with people from Roman, clamoring frantically, "We're all going to die!"
Heku, Cerise, and the others managed to squeeze their way out of the car, gazing at all of the townspeople rushing to flee.
"What the hell is going on here?!" Flins said. His happy aura faded quickly when he saw his parents and younger sister rush into the train like a school of frightened fish into a net. He called to his parents, "Mom! Pop! Emilia! Wait!"
His parents looked briefly at him, but continued on, almost like he became a complete stranger. Emilia, his only sister, ran to him, almost crying. She seemed to look young, at the age of twelve. Emilia ran into her shocked brother's arms, weeping woefully."
"Yari!" She cried. "Make them go away! Make them go away!"
"Who, Emilia?!" Flins asked, looking straight into her shining blue eyes.
"Vesisians!" She wept, crying into his shoulders.
"Vesisians?! Here?!" Shiro roared. "Damn it! We don't have anyone who can fight them off!"
"We do." Heku said. "I'll do my best to protect Roman, and your brother, Emilia."
Emilia cringed at the sight of Heku. She felt that something evil encircled Heku. She embraced her older tightly, her weeping subsiding. Flins knelt to the ground, wiping off the tears from Emilia's eyes.
"Now listen, Emilia. You go with Mom and Pop. Hide. I swear, I will protect Roman!" He said courageously.
"Mmhmm…" She nodded, her body shaking in terror. She ran back to her parents, waving goodbye to her brother.
The last of the townspeople boarded the train. It took off without a warning.
Flins slowly stood up, drawing a knife and pistol from his faded, green uniform. He felt an immense amount of fury grow from beneath his hands, yet also felt his stomach turn upside down at the sight of himself dying.
"Heku, did you really mean…"
"Yes. I came to Frostig to protect the one I loved. I may seem like some sort of death god, but there exists no differentiation between us: You care deeply for your sister, I harbor feelings for something unattainable." He said.
"Heku, do you really think we can repulse a phalanx of Vesisians?" Cerise asked. "Furthermore, Kalech, or god forbid, Erina will be with them!"
"If I die fighting, I die fighting." He replied.
To die. That was Heku's only thought the past month. Not Erina, not Cerise, but death. His yearning to simply fade away into obscurity seemed to grow exponentially every passing day since he stepped foot on Frostig three years ago. The power of a god, a destructive curse, he wanted it all gone. To live life normally, along with Erina, used to encapsulate his daily goal.
Now, all he can focus on is Cerise and his own death.
"Flins, can you get us to Roman?" Heku asked.
"Yes, follow me!" He replied urgently, running away immediately.
Cerise and Heku followed Flins down a path that lead to a forest. Shiro stayed behind, looking at the sky in disdain. He felt his hands tremble slightly and his legs grow weak. He finally had the chance to show his prowess in an attempt to protect the town. He shook his head, drew a sword from his coat, and then ran behind the group.
The ran inside the forest, having their weapons aloft.
Heku suddenly stopped. He looked around the tall, great camphor trees within the forest. A green, leafy branch suddenly moved, yet not a single gust of wind penetrated the forest. He lowered his short sword, then threw it at the branch.
A man, losing his balance, slowly came crashing down.
"In the trees!" Heku roared.
Cerise and the others began to look around for any signs of life within the forest. Without warning, several armored warriors descended from the foliage, surrounding the team. Cornered, the four withdrew their weapons. A woman armored in blue and red plating, wearing a red casque, walked into the group, drawing a longs word at Heku.
"Hier findest du nur dein Grab*," She spoke in a condescending tone. "Hekutaa."
"Tch, I hope you do not mean yourself." He snapped back.
"Wait, I know you!" Flins said, mildly enthustic, "You're Minuterie Gaap!"
"Yes, I am." She said triumphantly, waltzing around the group. "Minit Gaap, leader of the "Mirage's Parallel, Lumisade's specialty strike force. Now, enough of the formalities, why would someone like Hekutaa, the infamous assassin who slain our beloved king, be doing in such a little town?"
"Don't you have some sort of war to fight? Or do you squander your already diminishing time questioning a wall?" Heku rebuked, knowing that idle argument wasted the precious time to set up a defensive plan.
"Do not mock me!" Minit roared. "Why are you here?!"
"Do not threaten me!" Heku barked. "I simply want to protect those innocent!"
"Lies! You simply come here to kill us all!"
"What an absolutely perfect idea!" Heku yelled, completely sarcastic in his tone. "Why not utilize such a perfect moment by questioning someone, and then watch some town, and the Kingdom of Lumisade burn down to the ground!"
"How dare you!" Minit snapped, "I'll kill you!"
She rushed straight at Heku, preparing to stab him mercilessly with her sword. He disappeared, then suddenly rematerialized above her, entrapping her and her squadron under pillars of ice.
Count Sanguine began to appear from behind Heku. A malicious red aura began to emanate from Heku.
"I can kill you and your inflated ego for this godforsaken kingdom in a heartbeat!" Heku roared, his voice experiencing a duality of Count Sanguine and himself, "Why not accept my goodwill and live? Or would you rather conform to your ephemeral beliefs, and I, Hekutaa, killer of Lord Siegfried, suddenly experiences a change of heart and desperately defends Roman?"
"Enough!" Minit screamed. "I'll accept your offer! Just let us go!"
The pillars that crushed Minit and her teammates suddenly disappeared. Heku slowly floated to the ground, the image of Count Sanguine disappearing. Minit grabbed Heku by the neck, snarling in blind fury, "You better not double-cross us."
"If I did, you would all be dead." Heku said, still in a sarcastic tone.
She swiftly turned around and signaled her comrades to follow her. Heku and the group did the same thing, running to the town of Roman.
"Mr. Heku," Flins foolishly said. "What just happened?
"The less you know of me, the better, Flins." He replied, retuning to his pensive and emotionless tone.
Flins desired the immense power Heku held. With such strength, he could protect his sister and his family from harm. She would not have to live in constant fear of attack, nor will she ever cry in sorrow again. He felt a sense of curiosity and extreme respect for Heku. He yearned for Heku to trust him, so that he, too, be able to wield such strength.
The group reached the town of Roman, noticing a group of Vesisians closing on the emptied town of Roman. Several combatants armed with rifles entered the emptied houses. Heku, Flins, and others unarmed with long-range weapons stayed along with Minit.
The town seemed like any other village: small, secluded yet somewhat romantic. Vines crept up from the ground, almost covering some of the houses in a lush, green ivy. The village stayed hidden beneath a large forest, except a large tower loomed above the town. It became a military outpost for the Lumisians, subsequently creating an area for commerce and another for living. However, the town remained small, all the while remaining mystical to those traveling to it.
"Do you need any… armaments?" She glared at Heku.
"Me? No." He said.
Heku raised his right arm, whispering "Gesetz , Mißgestalt.**" A brilliant white rapier appeared in Heku's right hand, having an ornate, fleur-de-lis pommel and a hilt. Black and green vines encircled the entirety of the blade, leaving only a small portion of its flat-edged tip to remain unexposed. A black rapier with a simple guard appeared in his left hand, engraved with red markings along the hilt of the blade. A black wing jutted out from Heku's right side, followed by a white wing on the left side of his back. The covered him, then disappeared by shattering into feathers. Heku emerged, completely covered in black vestments. A gigantic, shining white gauntlet covered his left arm, while a black plate covered his torso above a black collared coat. The tail of the coat reached to his legs, being outlined in white. Black greaves had been placed at his legs. His cap and necklace seemed like the only unchanged parts of his armor.
Cerise folded her hands while she lowered her heads, whispering "Come forth." Her hands began to glow a bright red color while a red archaic circle formed underneath her feet. She looked at Heku, who glanced back at her. They both nodded.
"Have you two prepared?" Minit asked, looking at Flins and Shiro with a slightly more benevolent mood.
"Yes, Ms. Minit." Flins said, raising a knife in his left hand and a pistol in his right.
"Prepared." Shiro sighed, showing a blade.
"Be prepared for the worst."
"Understood." They both said.
"Here they come!" A gunman yelled, shooting at the oncoming army.
Heku dashed to the east of the town, while Cerise took the west. Shiro and Flins ran down an alley in Roman, waiting to ambush the soldiers. Minit called several soldiers to her side and took refuge at the front of the town gates.
Bullets zoomed through the cover of the forest. Within moments, the Vesisians charged in, yet Erina did not appear. Instead, she entered through the east, avoiding a large skirmish at the front of the gate.
Erina ran through the eastern gate, looking behind her. Heku ran towards Erina, look behind himself, too. They clumsily ran into each other. Flustered, they look at one another in pure confusion.
"Heku?!" Erina said, both elated and nervous at Heku's presence.
"Erina…" Heku said, pained by seeing her face.
"What are you doing here?" He asked.
"I came to see you."
"Under the visage of an enemy assault? What could possibly warrant such a drastic option?"
"I need to know why you left us a month ago."
"I'm a monster, Erina!" He yelled back, showing her a small circle with mystical symbols on the palm of his armored left hand. His arm began to resonate, releasing glyphs that swirled around his arm. "Look at me! I'm just a danger to everyone around me! That's why I wanted to stay alone, so that no one can be injured by my uncontrollable strength!"
"No!" Erina cried, "You're not some sort of monster! You're still Hekutaa Ranković, my dearest friend!"
"I am Hekutaa Ranković!" He roared, "But not the Heku you once knew! You can remember him with someone full of compassion, gentile and tender."
"Now," He continued, tears beginning to flow from his eyes, "I have the black heart of a demon."
"Shut up!" Erina barked, clenching her rapier. She charged at Heku, slashing wildly at him. Their attacks became a heated exchange of blows, neither of them showing an advantage over one another.
Slash, stab, parry, repulse, slash. Dodge to the left, sweep at the legs. Stab at the head, parry, slash.
Sparks flew from their blades, Erina swift, calm attacks began to transform into heated strikes, each one growing significantly in magnitude.
"Do you want me to beat some sense into you?!" Erina yelled while she continued to attack Heku.
"Yes!" Begged Heku. His attacks remained controlled. He did not strike too often at Erina; only parried. Even under his affliction, he still harbored feelings towards Erina and did not want her injured. Her own perspective, however, gave him little reason to fight. "Kill me if necessary! That will be the only way for me to return to normal!"
The two became entrapped in a deadlock. Heku parried a strike from Erina, yet she did not strike again. Heku, even with his strength, did not repulse Erina.
"Look at yourself, Hekutaa! Out of everyone you know, you're fighting me to the death! You clearly do not belong here! Please, let us just find somewhere… anywhere to get away from here!" Erina pleaded.
"And…? And WHAT?! You mean that you can discern everything about me?! Am I that wrong?!" Heku screamed out, tears of rage and anguish flowing freely down his face.
The swords in his hands begin to emit a grotesque red glow. The blades, augmented by Heku's anger grew. He repulsed Erina, throwing her rapier out of her reach. He began to swing wildly at Erina, his eyes completely blinded by his innumerable fury.
"I cannot possibly make you smile, or even have the slightest feeling towards me! I can't use my power and save this world myself! I'm completely worthless, can't you see?! I cannot possibly do anything right! Nothing! And what gives you the right to question me?! Is it because I cannot conform to your ideals? What the hell makes you think that you can change my mind?!" Heku yelled at the top of his lungs. All of his rage, love, and fury escaped his mind. He felt like he was under some sort of bewitchment, yet he controlled every movement of his body.
He stopped.
His rapiers fell to the ground.
Heku fell to his knees, punching the floor below him.
"You know Erina?" He said, crying, "I truly believe that I live a lost cause. Just kill me now, and just get this over with."
Erina walked to pick up her rapier, tears of anguish flowing from her face. She walked towards Heku, then raised her blade, ready to strike Heku.
He looked up, gazing at her. His eyes seemed full of despair. Did he truly wish to die? After all that he has been though, his life only seemed to cause destruction. Perhaps killing him would ease the world of its problems.
Erina's right hand quivered. She readied her blade, then dropped it. She could not handle the pain of killing her dearest friend. Instead, she mustered up all of her strength and slapped Heku squarely across the face.
"Do… do think that you deserve to die?!" She screamed, her entire body shaking. "If you take someone's life, nay, thousands of souls, do you truly think that killing yourself would make a difference?"
"The past can never be changed, Hekutaa. What matters now will be the path after." Erina said somberly. "You, of all people, taught me that. Now stop wallowing in whatever pit your trapped yourself into and just get a hold of yourself!"
Heku stood up.
Erina held out her hand.
"There's still time to leave. We can go back to Serdin or Außenwelt and live normally once more."
"No, Erina. There is time for you to leave. I promised someone that I will defend Lumisade, or die trying. I intend to keep my promise." Heku spoke, full of sorrow. He began to wipe the tears off Erina's cheeks, making her smile slightly.
"We seem to be between innocence and resolve once again." Erina wryly chuckled. "Just like old times, eh?"
"Yes." Heku said, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Just like old times."
"I-I'll be seeing you." She replied, running back into the forest.
"Yes?" She said, turning around.
"The next time we meet…"
"No holding back. But I won't kill you, Hekutaa Ranković."
"Neither will I, Elanor Fidèle."

*Means "Here you will find nothing but your grave" In German
**Means "Law" and "Deformity," respectively

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