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Originally Posted by CujoEX
Arme's 1st Job Cash Firestorm
Lire's 1st Job ST Stardust Rain
Lass's 1st Job ST Raven Walker
Ryan's 2nd/3rd/4th Transformation Nephilim (within a 10 second period of attacks)
Dio's 1st Job OnRush

Out of the following, if they all had the same amount of Attack (exclude the buffs), rearrange them to Strongest to Weakest (exclude buffs). As far as I know, those are usually the Over Powered skills against single monsters. Do not include Mob damage please. I'm just looking for which one would be the strongest in damage. If there are other skills that are OverPowered that aren't mentioned in this list, please provide the name and how to use it.

Focusing on Dungeons by the way.
I'd take firestorm as the strongest single target skill... Nephilim for most efficient stage clearing.

Stardust Rain

does hax damage but you need to place your opponent above you to get max damage.

Raven Walker

same with stardust but you'll need to get near to your opponent as close as possible.

haven't tried on rush as I use black space.