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Default Strange Launcher Issue (its in Japaneses)

I just recently reformatted my computer to Windows Vista 32 Bit System (service packet 2). I downloaded LaTale, launch the launcher and came by this strange issue.

My launcher is in Japanese and the update refuses to install . I'm sure downloading LaTale again would fix the issue but I'm curious on why this happen in the first place. Anybody have any guesses?

Edit: It is indeed in Korean and not Japanese. Japaneses is more "loose" and less "boxy" then Korean

Edit 2: The solution is to open both CFG files in your OGP's LaTale folder with notepad. Add "Locale:USA" on the third row for both files. If there is anything else there on the Locale section of the notepad, get rid of it (i.e. Locale:Korea).

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