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Originally Posted by xLucifer
sorry for being a huge narb but,

1. What is the best place to buy M cards?~ alot of places around the web are sold out qq
2. Is it possible just to send you money instead?
3. Are the S-ranked gundams from the shop (like 400M) permanent or a waste of cash? 8D

thanks a bunch :3
Hey aoseki

lol, This is ayanatsume, you are actually on my friends list. ^^ Btw I can help with topping up M cards too, but of course the more veteran users of the game and board are more credible than I am. I have friends and family in tw that helped me turn into full member. still have a bunch of 500 and 200 point cards if you want to buy them. If there are any questions, feel free to pm me here, in game or just post a reply