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Default ShiningRay-cruiting

Hi. I'm Seph. Spokesperson for ShiningRay, ShiningGay, TanningRay....whatever people call it these days.

Well, as of today, we added a few new members to the guild. But we are looking to expand upon getting our guild list active again. With our guild under new management, it is now possible for us to move on as a guild. Which means bringing back all of our old members, and polishing the list to its former glory.

Let me tell you a bit about SR, from the perspective of a member.

ShiningRay is probably the unspoken- closest group of friends I have ever had in my online gaming experience. When I joined this guild, my application process took 1 month, since the guild was originally not very keen to adding outside members. After 1 month of getting to know everyone, my closest friend finally added me into the guild. Once in, it was like a whole new window to playing the game had opened. The friends I made in SR, were extremely fun to talk to, and always willing to give a helping hand. All though I asked a lot in SR, I was eventually able to return the favor to the guild, bY working on providing GP, and helping the others who helped me.

We are currently recruiting for SR, which is not very typical of our guild. But we decided to take this measure to share our experience with other players.

Here are our guidelines for joining SR.

-No Level Requirements, level does not determine personality.-

-We want QUALITY personality.-

-"Ha1 guize LF>Party 2 do Sphinx Lul I nid all drops 2 maek elies." THIS IS NOT PROPER SENTENCE STRUCTURE. We expect you to punctuate, spell, and type like a normal person. Honestly, give us something worth reading/responding.

-Our guild is very close-knit, we take a lot of pride in seeing the emblem under our names. Although, it'd be pretty disgusting to see
God of Failing

Please keep obnoxious names to a minimum, we're very picky when it comes to xX'es and Numbers.

-Be mature when necessary. We want to maintain a good image of our guild as well as our members.
Acting like you have tourettes in Elias Ch1 is just not cool. At all

-Try to create an equilibrium between what you give and take to the guild. If you're going to beg members for help all the time, you better be willing to provide something they need or the guild needs in return.

-Unless every member agrees, try not to talk crap about others. We are all UNIMAGINABLY close, and we don't want stupid e-drama tearing us apart.

How to get in

First. PM.... 'Keotachi' 'xdgr' 'Kuzonoha' 'LeArc' We are the assumed Submasters.

We are only taking 3 more people until January 1st. Then after that, it's 1 person a month, we will be doing this to not only give new members a time to make themselves comfortable in the guild, but to keep the Guild Chat from being FLOODED with conversation, there will always be someone to quit, and always be someone to keep the chat alive. We want to keep a balance between that

When you apply, we will have a 3 day interview period, to determine if you have the qualities we want our future guild-mate to have, if we are pleased with you, we will gladly take you in when we see fit.
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I'm sort of back, I think. I don't know.

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