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i bought...
a wallet (the flat clutch looking ones) to replace the one i already had.. because my old one didnt fit bills and i hated folding money.. but the zipper for the coins broke on the new ones :/

2 more lockets to add to my collection of lockets (total of 6 now)

2 cardigans (same style different colors..[white and black] makes 3 of the same kind now that i own.. [other one is grey])

1 "grandpa" cardigan [grey]

-minus the belt but kinda like that..

a drape shrug.. thingy.. [grey]

and im probably going to get the ivory version of this too :/

sheer shirt and a tank to go under it..

... girls like me.. should NOT be allowed to work in retail.. oh well.. cheers to employ discounts!!

Things I've been thinking about buying.. prolly this friday when i get my paycheck >.<
A B C D E F G H and do NOT even get me started on the shoes.. we just got in some new shipment..

100% buying these on friday after my deposit on friday:
A / B
[no matter if muku thinks i have too many lockets/pendants.]
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