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Default [MSotW][27/12 - 02/01] SimaYi/Shibai Sazabi

Alright, Good morning/afternoon/evening/dusk/midnight/dawn people of ggFTW.

This week MSotW:

I decided a new approach as to be a lazy person.
I’m going to ask you people to go to the SDGO wiki/OLgame to check out the suit's stats/skills and stuff.
Once again, Spoon feeding is done.

SDGO Wiki for suit info in English
Sima Yi - SDGO Wiki - Wiki for an online Gundam game
***BEWARE ALL Ki-Sword Attacks ARE BALLISTIC DO NOT View the wiki for this particular suit***

From OLgame for checking out the exact stat/customs and OC to fit your style

I'm going to be simple and straight to the point.
Weapon 1)Fanged Wing Large Blade - Melee 4 hits to KD
Weapon 2)KiSwordAttack - Many ammos (about 8)
Weapon 3)Phoenix Wing Cut *1hit KD* only has 1 ammo

***TAKE NOTE, WEAPON 2 AND WEAPON 3 IS A NONE-Beam attack! It penetrates IField !***
(Weapon2 and Weapon3 is ballistic)

Skill 1)Latent Potential - The unit's damage is maximized and SP gain is increased when HP drops below 50%.

Skill 2)Assault Command - The attack power and boost duration of the unit's team is increased when HP of the unit drops below 50%.
Weapon Comments:
+Weapon 1: I won’t say the best but it is a GOOD ENOUGH category for his melee attack speed
+Weapon 2: Thunds of ammo of the Ki Sword Attack
+Weapon 3:It is similar to weapon2 but it is a 1hit KD *the style of using the weapon is the same*

Skill Comments:
+A decent skill set to maximize his potential with the KiSwordAttack
+Able to assist teammates with Assault Command

PROS & CONS of shibai sazabi:
+Able to do good damage against your enemies who are hiding behind walls/building structures
(Due to Weapon 2 and Weapon 3 having a large hit radius)
+Assist teammates in terms of dealing damage to the opponent and providing assault command

+/-Its a Sazabi representative in the B rank category

-pretty useless once you do get bullet zero-ed
-Needs 50% hp for both skills to activate
-(let me know if you do find more)

Skill Parts to be equipped if wanted:
2)Special up

How to play Shibai Sazabi:

1)Master the KiSwordAttack/weapon2
(its the main weapon thats gonna get you your kills)
2)Don't hesitate to use his weapon1 melee if you get bulletzero-ed or someone fails to melee you.
3)DONT SIMPLY KD with your weapon3 as it will definitely make your allies rage.
4)Use weapon3 to kill or use it on an enemy that your teammate isn’t targeting.

Special vs Latent Potential + Assault Command
1)I'll choose the skills over special.
2)If you are resurrected with full hp don’t hesitate to spec your enemy.
3)Spec only when needed or if it brings more good to your teammates
(ie:killing an enemy that will help save your teammates)

Personal view on the ShibaiSazabi:
1)This suit has great potential in terms of killing as a B rank.
2)B rank/BBsenshi unit that is rarely seen these days on almost every server.

Stats to be placed for ShibaiSazabi:
1)Custom special,oc all attack
(By doing this, you can really don’t mind the 2 skills by spec-ing the enemy as you will do decent amount of spec damage)
2)Custom attack,oc all attack (the one I'm currently using/doesn't need any explanation)
3)Your choice...

1)Shibai Sazabi is an antique.
2)Shibai Sazabi is basically about KiSwordAttack
3)Shibai Sazabi is just another B rank
4)Shibai Sazabi is a dangerous unit in the right hands
5)Shibai Sazabi is focused more on mid-range battles
6)Shibai Sazabi is unable to stand/rush alone like what rocks do
7)Shibai Sazabi is unable to Kite enemies as his boost is insufficient
8)Shibai Sazabi is a Sazabi without funnels
9)Shibai Sazabi is a walking Sazabi(slowed down when walking on water and such)
10)Shibai Sazabi is a decent B rank unit that is worth buying in the cash shop


Q)What role does Shibai Sazabi plays?
A)A suit that is meant for killing/assist in terms of damaging the enemy.

Q)How do you master ShibaiSazabi's w2 ?
A)Practice more on maps like ColonyLaser/HongkongDowntown/NeoTokyo/Ruin City 1

Q)Is it good to take in ShibaiSazabi into S/A/B/C rooms?
A)NO,its bad unless the room is filled with several papers/scissors if the room is full of rocks like Tallgeese3/SwordCalamity and such dont.
[Do take note, I’m not discouraging people to use the suit, it’s just that going against those type of rocks would mean that you are like over your limits and calling for death, unless you are very sure that you are good and can take the challenge to beat them up despite the fact that most of the people OC their suits badly and it’s a Scissors Vs Rock]

Q)Why do I rarely see people playing Shibai Sazabi in SDGO*Whichever version I'm playing*?
A1)Not many people actually like BBsenshis/Shibai Sazabi for a fact that there are many other B ranks that are easy to be obtained/easy to play/easy to get kills and such.
A2)Another reason is that not everybody would want to spend money purchasing Shibai Sazabi as a B rank to play.
To be added...

Lastly please do forgive me for my terrible English If I had done any mistakes/typos

Also Here is a terrible gameplay of Shibai Sazabi (Just to show what the suit is all about)
The first BGM is from Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (all for one)
The second BGM is from O2jam (Bride in Dreams)*my all-time favourite song in O2jam*

YouTube - SDGO Shibai Sazabi / SimaYi

EDIT:Thanks Melty for the help about the video posting in ggFTW

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