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Originally Posted by Kyzuumi
Your base HP won't be enough. You'll still need a few good equips with 4k+ HP, and you'll want to be at least 30k HPish to OHKO bats, to give you an idea.

And you can't JUST rely on IR, trust me. And it honestly all depends on the situation. I'm a 1144 HV Diva, and I have over 4k AP from just a sword and two accessories compounded for AP. And you probably will need more HP, you can't go Pure HP and expect that to be enough to make Impelling Rage do decent damage, it's like saying going pure MA means you don't need any MA equipment, or the same for any stat.

For leveling, obviously going all-out AP+Attribute and whacking stuff is the best, but once you hit 3rd you should work towards beefing your HV (which will be your best friend because of Sumo+MR+VK+OP) and making sure you stay at a minimum of 30k HP. Obviously, if you get better gear, you'll want to up that (like, being 50-60k HP with 400-500 HV).

All my cat's gear is level 140 except her sword (blood) and shield (engagement), which only had 100 more HP than my Jen's shield 140, and she has 4.2k AP, 29k HP, and 5xx HV. Scale that up 40, 50 levels and you can prob have like 5-6k AP, 50-60k HP, and 6xx HV (throwing out numbers but... meh, you get the point)

The whole "balance out as you see fit" for stats really only applies once you're third job and have most of your skills (I'd say through IR and OP at least)

Thank you very much!! You are very helpfull!! But 10~13k hp when I get to level 70, is that enough? And can you tell me what stats to lean to as I level ? :S

Oh and on what server do you play and your characters name? :3
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