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Opening his eyes again, Leht was greeted by a ceiling this time. He felt a lot better, but his body still ached a bit. Still no recollection of his memories though. He sat up, and found himself in a small, modest room. A few chairs, some bottles of waters, a table...

Hold on. I was outside before wasn't I? And I had a nasty slip...

Leht briefly checked himself for injuries, and found that he was alright, despite the fall, save for a bump on his head and ignoring the aches.

Maybe I have amnesia. I can't think of any other reason why I would forget my memories. Gotta find a doctor, but first...

Leht unsheathed his dagger and opened the only door in the room cautiously. Just a small crack, enough for him to look through. He couldn't make out where he was, and he didn't see anyone. He widened the door, and poked his head out.