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Finir deeply contemplated about his next move when he was being stared down by greed-driven nobles - and desperate locals. He could run; his long legs carried a farther stride than most could keep up with, and these shorter beings were no exception. Or he could fight; considering that they mostly had either daggers or sabers made by a common blacksmith. Nothing he couldn't break with his gauntlets and leg guards. He could do this. All he had to do was make the move.

As he huffed steam out of his nostrils, ready to rise from his table, a young girl with the purest of white hair came to his side as he touched a warming hand onto his shoulder, whispering her attempt to protect him. His eyes widened more largely than usual, almost stunned as to why any of them wanted to help such a pitiful creature as himself. Of course, he did not turn this offer down, and, while she took his claw, strafed alongside the rather small girl hunched over.

But he knew the nobles wouldn't give up that easily. Because he moved, they moved after him as well. But the silver-haired man from earlier stood in the way with his rather suave composure. As the girl hurriedly pulled him to the second floor, he looked back to watch the nobles turn away, as the nobles turned away back to their seats.

"Sorry, sorry...only staff and VIPs are allo..."

The girl led the Azure dragon into some sort of guest room, but it looked more like a setup for conversations that required deep thought and critical thinking. Whatever the case, Finir was in complete distress. He led these seemingly innocent people into his own problem, and now alongside him they could very well pay for it.

As his custom naturally dictated, he showed how sincerely sorry he was by embracing the young-looking girl as if she were his own child. Because she was smaller in stature to him, he got on both his knees to be more level with the fair girl. As he hugged her, he showed his other sign of sincerity - a slight spread of his massive wingspan and a lean of his massive neck over her shoulder. He held her for a few minutes, then regained his composure. He still, however, remained distressed in his usually fearsome expression.

"Words cannot express how sorry I am to have you entangled in my situation..." He hung his head downward to the floor. "I'm...I'm not worth the trouble to keep hidden..."

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