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Finir stroked back at his violet mane as he waited for the fair waitress to fetch his drink. As a race filled with a strong sense of unity, he hated seeing anyone show a sense of servitude toward himself, and would rather toil in their tasks alongside with them. But all the waiter was doing was giving him a glass of hot water, he reviewed to himself. After all, it wasn't like he asked her to build him a stable home for the azure dragon to live in by the next day.

At the same token, Finir hated feeling indebted to people, especially people he didn't even get to know yet. But where else could this pup go? He didn't know where else to go, and his gold coins would only be able to sustain him for so long. He then looked to the silver haired man - Kai. This man was probably his best bet. From the way he carried himself, he knew he was involved with this restaurant somehow. Maybe he was the owner, or a co-owner. Either way, he had it good.

"I should befriend this demon,"
Finir thought to himself, letting his claw fall from his pendant. "And maybe...maybe he can help me with--"

His thoughts were cut short by a loose scale on his arm freakishly switching on the radio in his pack. Finir flinched at the sudden outburst of sound that sounded through his backpack, filling the atmosphere with the latest news from the azure dragon's home region.

"--an alert to all regions of Utgard. Two days ago, a disgraced Retainer of Tiamat had somehow vanished from her bondage on her day of execution. This outlaw was engulfed in a brilliant light that blinded onlookers momentarily. At the same time, her son, who attempted to save her, was also spirited away by this spectral, maybe on-high intervention. Because infornation is scarce on the female outlaw, we will first issue out a search for her son.

This also disgraced Retainer of Tiamat is an Azure dragon, about 6'10" in height, with a wingspan of 26' combined of both wings. He has a bladed tail, spiked violet hair, and inferno eyes. If you see this individual, capture him alive, unscathed, and uninjured. The Ploshast government will reward the captors 420,000 in gol--"

The Azure dragon turned the peculiar device off. He knew he was done for. Anyone could have heard that. Whatever subtle existence Finir wanted to lead was now shattered for good. His breathing became heavy, his arms quivering. Now there was a real reason to be frightened. Anyone in that restaurant could identify the description with his own appearance, and try to subdue him.

The nobles were the first to take notice of the correlations. Tensified, Finir's hairs started to bristle upward as he shifted his eyes with an inferno's glare, bellowing a low growl from his throat.

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