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As the silver-haired man approached him, the hairs on his mane bristled slightly upward as he took the Voucher. The man refered to himself as Akaiito...but the girl at the other table seemed to call him 'Kai' for short. Whatever the case, Finir knew that he was in unfamiliar territory, and, truthfully, frightened. The man led him to a table approximate to his own, telling him to relax and call him if he needed anything. Finir all the while kept a growling purr in his voice, notifying the man that he still felt indifferent to the hospitality so far.

Indeed, Finir was thankful, but was too nervous to really respond back with words of his own. All the azure dragon did was give him a vacant stare, as if confused by the man's kindness. Finir waited for a little while, and a waitress approached him cheerfully. At that moment, the man walked away to his own seat, where food awaited him.

"Thanks for the food~!" the man said after clapping twice. He then began to dig in to his heart's content. Finir looked down at his mother's red butterfly pendant afixed on his chest armor's leather strap with a disappointed gaze.

"I shouldn't bite the hand that feeds...It'd be better if I said something to him. Or even a smile. But...I just don't know...

He began to jingle the pendant, with the little bell inside it chiming in the atmosphere, while the waiter asked for his order of beverage.

"Hot scalding water. A lot of it, please..." after a moment, he added "I'm very sorry to trouble you."

He looked at his menu, continuing to chime his butterfly pendant.

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