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Nothing was going according to plan. In fact, everything that could go wrong surely did. Not a day's travel away from Father's Estate and Grandison Yuuki already found himself lost. He did consider turning back breifly, but the shame of showing his face again would not befit one of his class. He left home saying he was going to show those Angel scum how formidable the Demons could really be, and he wouldn't return until he completed his mission.

Unfortunately, that also happened to be Grandison's first time traveling alone a great distance and he found himself lost in the wilderness. He wandered around aimlessly, groaning to himself when he spotted a caravan into the distance. He could tell from afar that it was a Baubma caravan, but he didn't have much choice. He resigned himself to following the Caravan to their destination and surely if the Baubma refused to help him there they could be coerced into doing so. It was the least their lot could do.


Entering the city gates with his nose in the air, Grandison Yuuki looked about him, observing his surroundings. It was the first time he ever set foot in Chokma and like any "county boy" he was a bit struck by how big and busy it was. In fact he had never seen so many people on the streets before at any time.

He was sure he looked an absolute mess. His red frock was pulled haplessly over his head in an attempt to shield his blonde curls from the wind and his expensive leather boots were caked with dirt. However, he still held himself as erect as possible. If he were going to uphold the dignity befitting a noble Demon such as himself he would have to commander the respect of everyone in this town even if he was less than presentable.

But first, he needed accommodations. He just really wanted to get out of the elements and into an inn and perhaps find something to drink, preferably something strong to warm his core. He had never been so long without the proper comforts he was accustomed to.

He decided to ask one of the locals about an inn when he noticed a newsboy on the corner of the street waving papers.

"Read all about it! Another victory for the demon army! General Yuuki does it again! Thousands slain by his sword!"

"I'll take one," a lady with a small child said. She presented the newsboy with a coin which the lad accepted graciously while giving him the paper.

The woman walked away and as Grandison was walking by the boy called to him.

"Read all about it! Hey Mister do you want to read about the latest victory?"

Grandison continued walking by. He reached a corner where he and the lady who bought the paper were trying to cross the street.

"Pardon me," he began. "Do you know a proper inn I could check myself into?"

The lady looked up from her paper (don't read and walk, kids) and looked at Grandison and did a double take at that!

"Did anyone ever tell you you look like a young General Yuuki?"

"How observant of you," Grandison bit. "Now answer my question lest I be forced to wring it out of you."

The woman shook her head and crossed her arms, "I don't think anyone has ever taught you manners."

Grandison's lips began to form into a snarl but then he was cut off by a sneeze.

"Ew!" The lady's child gasped. "That's a lot of snot!"

Sure enough, the hand that Grandison covered his nose with was indeed covered in mucus. He reached into his coat with his clean hand for his handkerchief then proceeded to wipe his hand and nose.

Grandison glared from over his handkerchief but then the woman and her child began to cross the street.

"Hey!" he called. "How dare you walk off when a gentleman is speaking to you!"

She continued on without looking back.

Grandison clenched his fists at his side and off she went. If that woman knew what was good for her she would have been groveling at his feet. Demons, Baubams and Angels all had reason to fear the Yuuki family. He'd show her. He'd show the entire Utgard when he became a hero and--


But first he needed to find a place to warm up. That said, Grandison took to reading the signs.
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