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Wandering for some time now in the wilderness, the Azure dragon closed his eyes as his stomach complained to him. He held one claw on it as if to stroke a young cub's behind.

"Errgh...not a decent meal in days. Just birds, herbs, and insects...

Finir, obviously out of energy, couldn't stand to walk much further, let alone fly. His feet already ached with a few bruises from tripping over tree roots and hidden rocks. He slammed down his bladed tail repeatedly and flexed his wings in frustration.

"Screw it. If I don't spot any lights from here, I'll just keep flying until I do!"

With a great beat, Finir spiraled upward into the skies, pitching his head left, right, and all around to try and find civilization by looking...but to no avail.

"Hrrrr..." Finir growled to himself, "Nothing but more trees. Gah!"

With a dejected sigh, he drooped his long neck in front of his body, with a look of hopelessness in his expression.

"Tiamat," he said with an even voice, "give me....some sort of signal of....a city, a small town...Hell, even a village. I need some food..."

At that moment, he started to sniff the air doggedly. A rich aroma filled his nostrils. Exotic, fragrant - he smelled nothing that he's ever smelled before that was ever on his dinner plates. It was food! Decent food that the dragon smelled! He was that much closer to civilization! No town or village would be able to create such a smell from their diet. It had to be a city where that smell was coming from! It just had to!

The Azure dragon bolted in the direction of the aroma that caressed the insides of his nostrils. Eventually, his trek had paid off; before him sat a walled city, well-fortified in its structure and solid in its integrity. Not even many massive, top-notch siege weaponry would seem to even dent them. Finir started to salivate from his maw at the thought of devouring whatever food was emitting such a tempting aroma.

He first noted the city gates. Because he thought it proper, Finir decided to descend to the ground in front of the gates. The guards in the watchtowers already acknowledged his presence, duly at first by aiming crossbows and ballista at his sudden and approaching appearance. Soon after detailing the Azure dragon's figure, the guards seemed to become more at ease, as did the guards on the ground when they approached.

Finir was still tense from being aimed at with his worst enemy - arrows, bolts or otherwise. A demonic guard approached him, polearm down at her side as she smiled a welcome. She seemed to be something of a Nekomata, as Finir noted by her free, cat-like tail dangling from behind.

"And what brings you here to Chokma, big fella?" she said with a purr, one yellow eye covered with brown hair as she craned her head back to meet his eyes.

"I..." He wasn't sure if he should tell her the truth about what happened to him back at his home region. As a Retainer of Tiamat, he was disgraced because of his mother's actions against government officials, killing two that she accused of murdering his father. Now that both he and his mother were on the run....

"I'm.... here to make a new start." Finir began to continue with his white lie, but the guard cut him short.

"I understand. Here, we'll get you situated in no time."
As she turned away to signal the guard for entrance into the city, the guard turned back to the azure dragon, observing the emblem adorned on his chest armor.

"Oh, my," she said with a slight amazement, "it's not very common we get RoTs in this area. You guys are so secretive and distant."

"I-I'm disgraced. I have no right to bear this title any longer..." As he uttered those words, Finir remembered the execution day of his mother. He wasn't quite sure whether she was alive or not, but...something in his gut told him that she was. He then looked at his red Birdwing butterfly pendant. The guard turned her eyes to it as well, seeming to ignore his words.

"I love how this peaceful looking butterfly contradicts your appearance," she said bluntly. Finir wasn't offended by this. He already knew his visage was rather intimidating to other people. Even some of his colleagues during his military service avoided him, or were uneasy around him. He couldn't help how he looked.

"But don't worry," the Nekomata said with her charming smile, "I know the good guys when I seem them." The Azure dragon gave a weak smile back to her.
"Let's just hope your new neighbors think the same way." She laughed at her remark as she finally signaled the city gates to open.

"Where do I go from here?"
Finir questioned. "I'm rather hungry."

"Ooh!" the guard exclaimed. She ran to his side, pointed down a bustling road of commerce. "You'll want to go that way until you reach The Red Papaya! The best restaurant in Chokma, if not Utgard! Hands down!" Finally, the Azure dragon was that much closer to his current goal: nourishing food! As the Azure dragon nearly rushed in the direction, the Nekomata guard grabbed his nearly empty pack that trailed easily behind him.

"Hold on, hold on!"
she exclaimed. "Let me give you this Voucher. All newcomers get one." She handed the vertically challenged dragon a well-adorned ticket. On the front of it showed the restaurant itself in a brightly-lit street at night: The Red Papaya. In a red-inked cursive writing were the words "Welcome, newcomer!" in the bottom right corner of the portrait.

"Thank you, miss!" Finir said with a slight bow.
"No prob, tough guy," she said, "You just show it, they take it, see if it's legit, and you get a free meal. On the house."

Finir nodded to her one last time before he turned from her, walking in the direction of the restaurant while inhaling the city air. As the guard began to walk outside the gate, she noticed the azure dragon's sash covering his pelvic area, and began to blush, chuckling to herself as the gates closed behind her.

Already, the azure dragon was getting noticed. Some steered away from him. Others - namely, a few pockets of women - stared at him. Whether it was amazement or fear, he didn't know. However, mothers covered their children's eyes, or hid them behind their legs. Only a few boys said endearing things, like 'Wow, cool!' or 'He's awesome!' It was perplexing, but he continued to pay it no mind as he headed to The Red Papaya. He saw a rather aged man hustle out of the restaurant doors as Finir approached, but he payed it no mind.

Entering through the doors, a woman in a sort of military jacket bumped into his shoulder, and as a reflex, the daunting dragon apologized, making sure his bladed tail did not touch her on the way out. The Azure dragon, with a glare of his inferno eyes, looked around and saw a group of people close to one another as they ate and drank, as well as a few supposed noblemen and commonfolk. Some already looked at Finir in either fear, shock, or some other expression that required a gaping mouth.

More notably, he saw a silver haired man with black horns calmly sipping away at his beverage, as well as a girl beside him. A waitress was just done handing out orders at two tables, while a man exclaimed about the food assortment. What seemed to be three city officers seemed to look intently at a girl with her arms in her sleeves as they ate. They seemed to be related. Maybe sisters or cousins. He observed as another woman clapped slowly and began to engage in conversation. Whatever it was, it sounded pretty serious.

Not moving from the door, Finir gave a worried growl, a wave of nervousness from the patrons' many eyes staring him down. He wrapped his tail around his left leg, presenting the Voucher to anyone that knew what to do with it.

"I...I'm hungry..."

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