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Im just wondering if anyone ever bothered to read his profile. Along with the VN.

From US Version's VN:
Nuri: Caddie about that girl...
Caddie: ????????????????? wat, *Laughs* "You may need to train harder to see whats in the surface of things"

From the profile:
"Nell has a secret that cant be shared"

No Gender terms Used.

It doesnt make much common sense to understand all those really o3o.
Also MOST OF THE TIME. GM's have no clue about these stuff. THAT or theyre just playing along.

Oh here's one more proof Click! :v Use google translate or somthing.

Oh just somthing ..
Korea's Nell is released as a boy
I just went on Pangya yesterday and even GM Takeda says that Nell's a girl

Person A: Who worked on Nell?
Person B: A newly hired designer
Person A: Let me ask you one thing
Person A: Nell is a boy?
Person B: That's confidential
GM: It's a girl
Person B: Whaa
Person C: lol
Person A: rawr
GM: It's not really confidential
Person B: Whaa
Person B: lol
Person B: That's crazy
Person B: Nell's a girl?
GM: Yes
Person C: Obviously

See what i mean about the GM'S? Either that or theyre already being sarcastic cause of all the people who just cant accept it.

Oh let me translate his Korean profile for fun /shot

Age:Less than 1 (looks 8 years old in human age)
Skills: All Clubs
Hobbies: Playing with his cat Pepper and studying
Stats: Power 12 Control 11 Accuracy 7 Spin 3 Curve 2
-This young boy was born from a magical core that was onced used to completely seal the demon king. As Cadie's Student, He has been thought how to use magic and play Pangya!. Nell expresses very little towards people and has a cat named Pepper that he loves dearly. He is very fond in collecting the fragments of time and stores them in his small briefcase. Nell show's a feminine side and wear girl's clothing that makes anybody mistake him for a cute girl. Cadie has given this young cross dresser an important task to find and put the remaining core back together before the demon lord resurrects from the sealed core.

o3o I was bored.

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