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Default Chapter 1: Trial

A flash of light shone through Heku's eyes. He squinted at the light, noticing a stalky shadow in the shape of a man. Cold mist exited from Heku's cell while he gazed in indifference. He looked back at this hands, then drooped back into his pensive disposition.
He knew that his punishment for his crime did not pass. His 250-year sentence had only been served for one week, it appeared to Heku. He stayed awake the entire week, without food nor drink, only sit and stare at his hands in total darkness and in frigid temperatures.
"Hekutaa?" The man sternly spoke.
Heku did not respond.
"Hekutaa Veles Ranković!" The man said again, raising his voice.
Heku did not respond.
"We want you to fight for Lumisade. Will that rattle you awake?" The man roared impatiently.
"You… want me…. To fight…?" Heku whispered, his voice hoarse from disuse.
"Yes." The man said, placing a contract in Heku's open, frigid hands. "We cut you a deal; you fight under the banner of Lumisade, you have a reduced sentence."
"Why…?" Heku asked, staring blankly into the contract.
"Good question." The man said, turning away.
"And Cerise?" Heku asked, beginning to stand up.
"Should you fight under Lumisade, her sentence will be rescinded." The man replied, walking out of Heku's cell.
Heku looked in disbelief while he gazed at the light-filled doorway in front of him. He slowly stood up, his legs almost shaking from misuse. He slowly walked through the doorway. He covered his eyes with his shoulder, trying to adjust to the light in the room. He leaned on the doorway, trying to balance himself.
"Hekutaa…?" A feminine voice beckoned.
Heku's eyes began to adjust to the light, slowly seeing the grey and dreary surroundings. He looked upon a heavily windowed hallway, gazing at the falling snow, which seemed to illuminate the grey, empty hallway. He looked ahead of him, and noticed a slim, tall woman in a black dress, accented with red fabrics. She smiled at Heku, her light blue eyes staring into Heku's sullen, purple eyes.
"Oh, thank goodness you're okay!" The woman said, rushing towards Heku to embrace him. She rushed towards Heku with her arms wide open and then held him tenderly. He warm arms wrapped around Heku's cold body while her scarlet, wavy hair seemed to emanate warmth. Heku stood, almost completely untouched with her tremendous amount of affection.
"Cerise…" Heku spoke coldly. "Why... did you-?"
"It doesn't matter!" Said Cerise, shaking Heku by the shoulders in excitement. "We're finally free! We can finally-"
"No, Cerise. You will escape with your freedom" Heku interrupted, a tinge of emotion erupting from his voice. "but I must take up my burden. Go ahead, live the life you yearned for without inhibitions."
"What?!" Cerise exclaimed, gazing at Heku in confusion, a puzzled expression on her face. "But… why?"
Heku smiled, shaking his head. He embraced Cerise while she stood, almost petrified with the amount of punishment he forced himself to atone for. He looked at Cerise, gazing into here eyes while he smiled and then walked away. Cerise, still confused stared emptily into Heku's empty cell. She felt a cold breeze emanate from the room while she walked closer into it. Cerise shivered while she tried to inspect Heku's cell, noticing a pitch-black environment, with only a small toilet and a cot.
She knew something was wrong. No one can survive in such a room without going insane. Even the Lumisian government, with charges on Heku for killing their ruler, could not possibly accept such an abhorrent punishment by placing Heku in a pitch-black, frigid room .
"Why… Why would you do this to yourself, Hekutaa?" She asked, expecting a response.
"Ms. Clemenceau?" A voice echoed across the hallway.
Cerise turned around, spying a man in a brown coat and pants. The man walked towards Cerise, a puzzled expression on his face.
"Ms. Clemenceau" Said the man, trying to lead Cerise out of the building. "You do not need to stay here any longer. Please, let me escort you out of this building."
"Wait." Said Cerise, looking back on the open cell. "Tell me why you put Heku in such a deplorable room."
"Oh, that room?" Said the man. "It's strange. He asked if he could be put in that kind of room. Call me skeptical, but I think he wanted to stay in that room for his entire sentence."
Without another word, the man directed Cerise out of the building, walking down the gray, dreary hallway and down a flight of spiraling staircases. In a few moments, the two reached the main entrance of the prison.
"There's the exit. Enjoy your freedom." The man said to Cerise, promptly walking away.
Still confused with Heku's actions, Cerise stared at the doors of the prison, glancing at the guards near the doorway. She slowly walked towards the door, and suddenly heard a large clamor of politicians and other onlookers.
"Ha! Bring that criminal in to fight for us?! Preposterous!" Yelled one man.
"What is this fool trying to do?!" Roared another. "A reduced sentence for every Vesisian he kills! At his rate of deaths, he'll be free after the first battle!"
"First he kills our ruler, and then tries to disgrace our military?! What will he do next?!" Cried a third.
Intrigued, Cerise followed the large congregation of politicians, leading her into a court room willed with chattering people. In the center of the large, hollow court room, stood a man, chained to the floor while he faced a large court, who sat upon a large platform, looking down on the man.
"Hekutaa Veles Ranković!" A man upon the large platform bellowed.
The entire crowd fell silent at the sound of the judge's voice.
"You stand here today, only one month into your 250-year sentence for the ruthless murder to Wilhelm Nightingale, 17th King to Lumisade, the city of Eternal Snow." The judge said, his voice echoing throughout the entire room.
Hekutaa looked up at his judge, his long, charcoal-black hair covering his left eye. He gazed emptily at the man, and then transfixed his gaze directly in front of him.
"However, in recognition of your prowess, I, Judge Delano Rousseau along with the provisional government of Lumisade, wish to give you an ultimatum." He continued.
"An… ultimatum?" Echoed Heku.
"Yes. We will allow you to join our military. For every enemy combatant killed by your hand, we will reduce your penalty one day. Should you decline, we will simply put you back into your cell for the rest of your days." Judge Rousseau sternly spoke, gazing at the chattering audience.
"That's insane!" One observer whispered. "That man, or whatever it that thing might be is a total wild card! Who knows what'll happen!"
"Say what you want, but Lumisade needs people to fight." Whispered another. "Don't you think the judge knows that already? Besides, it's not like he'd decline to that offer."
"Silence!" Rousseau roared, furiously looking upon the crowd. The elderly judge, regaining his composure, lowered his gaze back to Heku, who appeared completely unfazed by his deal.
"Hekutaa Veles Ranković, have you reached a decision?"He asked, expecting Heku to take his deal.
Heku looked up, almost smirking at the judge. He then lowered his head, chuckling lightly. The judge, still confident with the ultimatum he presented to Heku would accept his terms, stroked his long, white, bushy beard in triumph.
"I want… exile." Heku emotionlessly said, staring at the ground beneath him.
"Exile?!" Judge Rousseau yelled, clenching his fists. The old man appeared to shuffle out of his seat, but stopped, only taking a deep breath and reclining himself back into his wooden, ornate chair.
"Now, I must have misheard your reply, Hekutaa." The judge said, chuckling hysterically, as if Heku's plea seemed like a cruel joke to him. "Now, I'll give you one more chance: What will your choice be?"
"Exile." Heku repeated, glaring at Rousseau.

"You… despicable, little runt!" Yelled Judge Rousseau. "You had your chance at freedom, and now you shall pay for your crimes!" He signaled the guards around the room, pointing at Heku. "Guards! Seize this man!" He bellowed.
Heku sighed in disappointment, closing his eyes while an archaic magic circle mysteriously appeared from under his feet. Heku's charcoal, long hair begin to lift, as if a strange demonic wind began to flow from beneath him. He smiled grimly while his body began to give off a purple, demonic glow. The large, metal chains that kept him from moving suddenly shattered, freeing Heku. Heku looked at his hands, shaking violently while small sparks of red thunder jumped from his hands. Heku then looked at the guards surrounding him, keeping entrapped in a circle with their lowered halberds.
"If you value your life" Heku growled, his voice sounding like two separate voices speaking his words. "I would stay back."
The phalanx of guards that once charged towards Heku cautiously stepped back in precaution. Heku then walked towards the judge's platform, smiling at the judge's horrified face.
"Now, will you reconsider your stance on my terms?" Heku asked.
"Not-not o-on my life, y-y-you monster!" The judge stammered, shaking in fear.
Heku shook his head in impatience. He snapped his fingers, creating another black, archaic circle filled with mystical symbols, under his feet. Heku raised his right hand, making the chattering audience that once shuffled in their seats in anxiety stop. Black, arrow-like objects swirled from Heku's fingers, spreading out to surround Judge Rousseau. He lowered his hand swiftly, causing the dark projectiles to fire at Rousseau. He cried in fear, watching one arrow touch his grey, bushy beard.
They suddenly stopped.
"Now will you accept my terms?" Heku sighed impatiently.
His shadow began to elongate in front of the judge, transforming into a silhouette of a man holding a strange, floating ball. Rousseau stared at the shadow in terror, thinking that a demon possessed Heku. In disbelief, he blinked once, yet the silhouette behind Heku changed back into a shadow of Heku's body.
"Honestly," Heku continued, his voice suddenly changing into a gruff tone. "do you think you have a choice?"
The judge remained silent, his eyes completely wide open due to shock. His body winced while his mouth moved, seemingly making out the word "Yes." The judge then attempted to rattle himself out of his shock, slumping in his seat while he regained his composure.
"Hekutaa… Veles…. Ranković…" Rousseau softly spoke, completely stricken with fear. "I-I-I sentence you-you to e-e-exile to-to-to the city of Roman. Court-court is adjourned u-until tomorrow. "
Content with the judge's ruling, Heku walked out of the courtroom, the entire room in silence. The sound of Heku's shoes tapping on the marble floor of the courtroom echoed, the entirety of the audience focused on the judge, who slumped in his chair. His eyes stared emptily ahead of him, as if Heku killed him.
Hekutaa exited the courtroom, closing the mahogany doors behind him. He looked behind him with a face of disdain, shaking his head. He stared at his left hand, which had a strange, circular glyph on the center of his palm. He moved his fingers in his left hand, then made his hand into a fist.
Heku looked up, looking up at Cerise's shocked face.