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Post Tuvis' guide to Count Blood and the Love's Sacrifice.

As I had posted this some time ago at the official forums, I figured I could share it with this community, as well, as what I saw, no such guide regarding this subject, is present.

- Introduction.

Greetings and welcome to my guide to how to deal with count blood, the trials, the sacrifice set, what the set does, and the quests linked to it.

Warned thou: This guide contains absolute spoilers to how to solve the sudoku tests, but I have left out anything regarding the tale of Count Blood, so you can enjoy the story of that, yourself. Anyhow, you have been warned. So lets get started!

- Step A1 - Entry to the Trials.

In order to enter the trials, you need 1x Solar Stone. This can be drilled up throughout the vampire castle, and are fairly "uncommon". It is not consumed upon entry like the entry costs for other bosses, which is a good thing. When you have gotten the Solar Stone, head towards the map "Vamp Dungeon 4 - Center of the Dark". You can reach that from the west part of the map "Vamp Dungeon 1 - Banquet of the Vamp". When are are at the right map, head towards the middle of it, and you will see some lights and Werewolf Lycan. Make notice, that you can -only- enter the trials during sunfall(3:30 PM at earliest, game time) and night(~8:57 AM at latest, game time). Meaning you have limited time of access a "trickster day" to the trials.

- Step A2 - The Guardian Kerberos.

Once inside the trials, you see a Guardian Kerberos. He starts the first test. Which is a rather simple one. After talking to him and getting warped, head towards right til you see a portal and enter it. Thats all you are required to do. Beware that the Kerberos on that map is many. So think the test as a "walk across a carpet with spikes". Or something. If you need, pot as you run if they manage to land hits on you. If you are a bunny or a hybrid buffalo, you can use Guard to avoid any damage while passing them.

- Step A3 - The Vamp Lydia.

So you accessed the next room. Now here is a little more of something to chew on. This test, is a monster quest. You need to kill 30 Vampire Bats in 10 minutes, in a rather "medium sized" room, spammed with Bats and Vampire Bats. As you may notice, its the Vampire Bats you need, and the others are just there to annoy. Area of effect skills are your friend here, thou, I suggest to avoid using Berserker, as it may do more bad than good, due to the uncontrolled state(making you maybe focus on just killing regular bats than the vampire bats). Anyway. The bats themselves have aprox 9600 HP. Vampire Bats has more DP but less AP, and can use cure. While regular bats has more AP and less DP, respectively. Also, regular bats can tend to use Berserker when their HP has dropped anything from max, so make sure that if you poke them, kill them. Leaving a bunch of wounded regular bats among the map with your AoEs is -not- a good idea, specially if they all berserk on you. When berserked they can deal up to 16,000 damage criticals. Otherwise both bats deal aprox around 4,000 damage. Their attacks are wind elemental, so a wind comped shield/accessory/hat or the wind shield skill for Sheep and Wizards, can reduce the damage they inflict on you. When done, enter the portal at the left of the room, and talk to Lydia, and you are done.

Monster Quest Reward: 255,214 Base Exp, 58,233 TM Exp.

- Step A4 - Majordomo Felix.

Well done. Now you have reached the dreaded Sudoku test. Or should I say tests? Yep, because you need to solve two soduko puzzles(Is puzzle the right wording for such? Oh well, I'm sure you get what I mean!). There is one easy and one medium/hard(its difficulty being medium/hard varies on how well you can deal with sudoku as a person). There is a total of 8 different kinds of easy ones, and 8 different kinds of medium/hard ones. The pattern they come in may differ for each time, so if you are in the trial a second time and see the same first puzzle you saw before, it does not mean the second one may be the very same you got last time. Anyway. Here is the result to the 16 kinds of sudoku puzzles. Enjoy.

Easy Type Puzzles:

Medium/Hard Type Puzzles:

- Step A5 - Path of Luck.

And so, you are to the last test. And what in my opinion, is the worst of them. The test of luck. Which indeed is up to your luck. You get to chose a path, by either speaking to Maid Lydia, which is the red path, or Majordomo Felix, which is the blue path. Which is right however, is random. The sudokus have no relation to what path is right for you. You could get one set of sudokus and pick wrong path, get the very same set, pick opposite path of what you took last, and stil go wrong. There is a trick to this, however. There is two rooms with these carpets, and you get teleported to one of them. One room has red is right and blue is wrong, and one has red is wrong and blue is right. However; this is not something you can see alone. You need a party member in order to do this. Either you, or your party member goes first. And take a path. If they get wrong, they go back all the way, rather than through the portal. Then its the next members turn. If they do not see the party member on their mini-map, that means the path they took, is right for you. However, if you see them on the map, you pick the path they didn't take. And voilá, you get to the final room, which is the boss room. But if you are alone, sadly you need to rely on your own luck. So good luck!

- Step A6 - Count Blood.

So you are in the boss room now. Congrats. But you have the boss himself to deal with. Count Blood himself can hit a bit hard now and then as he reduce up to 75% of all incoming damage, and use a lightning attack. This attack can do up to 10,000 damage, if you aren't geared up well. Lightning Resist would protect you from this thou, or the Lightning Shield for Sheep and Wizards. Its a last resort attack thou that occurs when his bars have gone low so don't expect it to strike too often. If not dealt with fast enough thou, he can summon a mob of Bone Fighters, Bone Magicians, Bone Warriors and Niwerths. And he isn't limited to one batch of them, and can chain summon if he likes. I suggest taking out the Niwerths(due to their damage they can deal) and Bone Warriors(as they can use Guard Break on you, which can make the mob and count blood himself hit with all attacks). Isn't really more to it than that thou. When he dies, it takes from 30 seconds to 10 minutes for a new one to spawn, and then you get kicked to the start of the trials, by the Guardian Kerberos. After killing him, make sure you check the ground where he died thou, before that happens. As the Blood Sword, Blood Shield and Mark of the Vampire drops on the ground and not directly on you! Other than that, congratulations on hunting him, and the rare set! If you find a Pendant dropping, I suggest keeping it, as you need it later on.

- Step B1 - Werewolf Lycan and the Mark of the Vampire.

So you got a piece of the set, hm? Well, well, then you can start the Sacrifice Set quest, as long as you are Lv140+. Starting out at Werewolf Lycan that is located where you get warped to the trials(yes, the very same), if you carry the Mark of the Vampire with you, he will ask about it. Your quest is to get 1x Dark Red Notebook, which drops uncommonly from Brass Knights which can be found at "Vamp Dungeon 3 - Song of Moonlight". Simple task, really. Get back to Werewolf Lycan after grabbing it, and you get rewarded, along with asked to get the other pieces and talk with Queen Cecilia and King Edward respectively.

Quest Reward: Count Blood's Notebook. 1,018,9123 Base Exp. 3,985,523 TM Exp.

- Step B2 - Queen Cecilia and the Blood Shield.

After getting the shield, take it to Queen Cecilia in the Secret Garden of Rosetta. She will ask you to find 1x Diary, which can be drilled from any Vamp Castle map. Simple task as it is, after grabbing it, return to her, for the reward.

Quest Reward: Mary's Diary. 8,151,298 Base Exp. 3,188,418 TM Exp.

- Step B3 - King Edward and the Blood Sword.

And with getting the last piece, the sword, take it to King Edward in the Secret Garden of Rosetta. He will ask you to find 1x Portrait of a Lady, which can also be drilled from any Vamp Castle map. Simple task as it is, after grabbing it, return to him, for the reward.

Quest Reward: King Edward Card. 8,151,298 Base Exp. 3,188,418 TM Exp.

- Step B4 - King Edward and Mary's Pendant.

When finishing the first quest for King Edward, he will ask you to get 1x Pendant, which drops rarely from Count Blood. As suggested earlier, be on the lookout for those when hunting him. When you have the Pendant, simply enough(thou I can't say finding it is a simple task), return and get rewarded.

Quest Reward: Mary's Portrait. 12,226,948 Base Exp. 4,782,628 TM Exp.

- Step B5 - Werewolf Lycan and the Pendant of Sacrifice.

And finally, for the end of it all, return to Werewolf Lycan with Mary's Portrait, to complete the quest, and get rewarded the last set piece. Congratulations!

Quest Reward: Earring of Sacrifice. 15,383,685 Base Exp. 5,978,285 TM Exp.

- Extra - Sword, Shield, Hat and Earring Stats along with Set Effect Stats.

* Blood Sword: 720 AP, 45 MA, 45 DA and 45 HV. Compounds for: Darkness Attribute, MA, DA and HV. Refines for AP. 4 compound slots. Level 180.

* Blood Shield: 432 MD, 612 DP. Compounds for: HP, MP, MD, Darkness Resistance, Fire Resistance, Light Resistance, Electric Resistance, Soil Resistance, Water Resistance and Air Resistance. Refines for DP. 4 compound slots. Level 180.

* Mark of the Vampire: 27 AC, 27 LK, 324 MD and 324 DP. Compounds for: AC, LK, MD and Darkness Resistance. Refines for DP. 2 compound slots. Level 180.

* Earring of Sacrifice: 288 AP, 1008 HP, 1008 MP, 18 AC, 18 LK, 18 HV, 18 DA and 18 MA. Compounds for: AP, AC, HP, MP, LK. 3 compound slots. Level 180.

* Sacrifice Set: 360 AP, 22 AC, -1 DX, 1260 HP, 1260 MP and 1800 WT.

- Final Words.

Thanks for reading my guide, and hopefully it was a great source of information and assisstance for you. This guide was specially made for the official forums of trickster online along with, thus do not repost it elsewhere. Thank you.

Special thanks to:

Meer, my beloved fiancee, and for giving the proper value for the last quest experience.
Annihilat0r, for trading me the Blood Shield for a Mark of the Vampire, along with telling the party door trick.
Jpen(MOG), for providing bat critical damage info.
NoeJeko, for providing information that Google is now blacklisting * domains as malware.
- Lurking.

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