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Default Cthuune "Rune"

RP: Burning Steel and Blood

Name: Cthuune (pronounced kthoo-nay) prefers to be called Rune (pronounced roon, like you probably expected)
Age: Not determinable (
Gender: Male
Race: Cthulhi (star-spawn of Cthulhu)
Height: 5'11" (humanoid form), 9'5" (true form)
Weight: Well over 500 lbs.
Eyes: Amber, with light-blue sunburst (humanoid form), green-brown (true form)
Hair: Mid-short brown hair, brushed back away from the face (humanoid form), No hair (true form)

Notes: In his humanoid form, he's a relatively attractive man, well-kept. While he can alter his appearance, he's incapable of altering his weight. So while he does have a slim build in his humanoid form, his body still weighs a substantial amount, as Cthulhi are composed of much denser substances than other creatures.

Appearance: In his humanoid form, he's a slim, tall man with brown hair, brushed away from his face. His body is toned, as that is how he chose this form to be. He typically wears a long-sleeve grey/white vertical wide-striped button-up shirt, with the top two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up, shirt untucked. On the bottom he wears fitted brown cloth pants, and expensive-looking brown leather boots with some design-work on them, which go halfway up his calves. He also wears brown leather gloves with the fingers cut off. When he does wear a coat, it's a gray overcoat that comes down to the middle of his thigh. The clothes appear comfortable, worn-in but still new looking.

Notable flaws in this form include the following: he has the teeth of a carnivore rather than an omnivore (all his teeth come to sharp points, much like a wolf or a shark); his flesh is cool to the touch (cthulhi are cold-blooded); and his hair, which appears normal (even up close), is actually microscopic tentacles, so he has full motor-function of each individual strand, and can grab things with it (though he doesn't tend to do this, as it freaks people out, and isn't actually that convenient). Since it's actually tentacles, if someone else runs their hand through his hair, their hand may get grabbed onto, or slightly stuck in the millions of microscopic suction-cups.

His true form is a large Cthulhu-looking monster. While substantially smaller than the true Cthulhu, he is similar in appearance, a squid monster, with large wings. He almost never shows this full form, as it is disturbing to most. (Describable as " octopus, a dragon, and a human caricature.... A pulpy, tentacled head surmounted a grotesque scaly body with rudimentary wings" though as a Cthulhi, these wings find more use than the wings of Dread Cthulhu himself, whose wings weren't large enough to carry him [by the "end of his days"].)

He is capable of mediating between these two forms completely freely, as he sees fit (he can pull his Cthulhi wings out while still in his humanoid form, can change his hands into claws, etc., while still maintaining a mostly human appearance).

Personality/Character: A very relaxed, fun-loving individual. After many millennia of servitude under the elder god Cthulhu, all Rune wants is a peaceful life amongst his friends. Really likes to joke, and has a sarcastic (slightly sick, sometimes dark) sense of humor. Hates wearing hats, because he can feel them rubbing on every tentacle.

History: Born on an unknown planet (presumed to be further away/more remote than Cthulhu's own *supposed* home planet Vhoorl [A planet in the "twenty-third nebula"]), Rune was brought by Dread Cthulhu to earth many years ago, where he helped build the city of R'lyeh and lived in servitude to Cthulhu, until the city sunk to the depths of the sea, at which point Rune managed to escape by flying out of the monolithic citadel. He flew to where modern-day Utgard now stands, and lived there off-and-on for quite some time. Over his years, he held many jobs, the longest one being a traveling merchant, which he did for many years, so he knows his way around very well. He's seen the growth of civilization, and after many years, has made a name for himself. God only knows what things he's done during his travels, what skills he's learned, what he's accomplished. And he now runs, of all things, a popular barber shop in Utgard.

Special Abilities and Magic: Ability to transform. Unable to die of old age or sickness, the only way Rune can truly die is if a mortal wound is inflicted on him. Rune also has telepathy (described in the Cthulhu Mythos as "psychic emanations"). He has incredible physical strength. He tends to say that he doesn't know any magic other than basic water magic, but that could just be a lie to get people off of his back. He is an ancient, after all.

Equipment: Rune carries a long razor with him (the same one he uses at the barber shop).

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