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As said above, WZC is a really nice support suit with range sp and beam sp. DX's defense in 2nd mode is superior to WZC but that doesn't make DX tanks longer than WZC if the enemies are *** suits, have nowhere to run and take continuous damage.
DX defense in 2nd mode just make it last longer when low hp so it can counter with its high damage output beam sp with big hitbox. (though i can't see anything in front of me when i use that beam sp, guess its just me cause it's so big)
WZC 2nd mode can stay in the air much longer, don't know about the boost duration reduced or not when hover compare to 1st mode, but DX does have boost duration reduced when in 2nd mode. (or so i felt)
Angel Gundam? That name sure bring me back the days when i was a kid playing SRW without knowing about any names of the mecha in the series until i got to go online and searched about them.
Ex: Getter = Batman (Hey, he does look like one).
Psybuster = Phoenix (Due to its attack)
Qubeley = Mice mouth (Because of its head nature )
Hyakushiki = Yakuza (Cause that dude is wearing black glasses, and his suit eyes are black too!)
DSHC = Grimreaper Gundam, WZC = Angel Gundam.
Dunbine = Scout unit.
Zambot 3 = Moon, Daitarn 3 = Sun (LOL)

Do miss the good old days when i enjoyed the games with my bros.
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